Winter Cycling – 1st Star Wars Ride of December

Woke this morning to UGH! bad cycling weather news online. But then while making coffee, I saw this out my kitchen window – sun and a patch of clear sky.

Maybe I could get out for a “Star Wars on the bike” ride – a ride with flakes flying by my face like stars flying by Luke’s X-wing fighter.

That got my heart going. I scrammed together a quick breakfast made with German Stollen (Christmas bread/cake), nut butter, soy nog (yup!), homemade cranberry topping, yogurt, dried fruit and honey roasted almonds along with a good blast of cafe au lait.

As soon as I sat down to eat, though, I could see the sky getting fat with clouds. I ate four bites, left my desk like this,…

1st Star Wars Ride 12-10-13 - 4

…got changed and hopped out on the road. Right away, just stepping on the pedals and feeling the wind on my face, my whole attitude changed. What a relief to be moving after a no-ride icy day yesterday.

I stopped to take this picture in Ashland just as the first few flurries fell – and just before my phone decided “we shut down now – too cold”.

The rest of the ride was snowy – or Star Wars’y – enough that I could hear John Williams’ “Star Wars” symphony – along with Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries” – in my head. I could also feel the flakes on my face and grit of road sand in my teeth along with the pretzel like taste of road salt on my lips – all just part of the very smiling inducing thrill of the first Star Wars ride of December!

1st Star Wars Ride 12-10-13 - 5







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