Ugh! Antidote

UGH! late night dinner

Yep, that’s what I had way too much of right before going to bed after coming home from a trip at 2am yesterday morning. Still, even though I felt like a toad when I got up not too much after I finally went to bed, I got right back into my regular exercise routine with weights, stretches and core strengthening and – and a “you gotta’ be kidding me” big laugh after not doing them for 12 days. I then had a chopped apple, yogurt and fruit spread for lunch, which kept me going comfortably for the rest of the day.

Un-UGH! breakfast

Later in the afternoon I zipped out for an excellent bike ride. Yah, it was cold – high teens – but weather’s a state of mind, and I was prepared…mostly. After being away for almost 2 weeks, I completely misjudged how early it gets dark here in the Northeast and ended up walking the bike home on the sidewalk the last block or so. That was a first.

I stayed in my bike clothes, ripped out to the store quickly by car and then came home to make a warm salad with spinach, red bell pepper, garlic, avocado, turkey and dried cranberries with toasted bread and light Swiss cheese for dinner – well before going to bed.

Un-UGH! dinner

This morning I feel the difference. All much better and completely un-ughed!


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