Tuna Your Way – NOW, Self-Publishing & Bullet Blogging

I’m gonna’ try something different: bullet blogging. Why?

  • No one has time to read
  • It’s direct

Why Tuna Your Way – NOW!

  • Great flavor & darn nutritious
  • Quick to make
  • Easy “freedom of choice” variations

2 cool things about self-publishing, especially with Apple’s iBooks Author program

  • Complete author autonomy
  • Easy to revise updated editions
  • This is my publishing house…



Example: Dorm Room Food: Snacks, Sandwiches & Tortillas (dirt-cheap, practical, conversation starter with students about what they really want to help them survive in their dorm rooms)

  • Picture book recipes look like this (Click this link or either of the top 3 pictures on this page for a newly revised Tuna Your Way – NOW! step-by-step picture book recipe in PDF format)…


Click for Tuna Your Way - NOW! picture book recipe

  • Short videos look like this…



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