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Whiskey Sour – 1st Bar Drink I Learned (Long Ago)

Whiskey (Bourbon) Sour - click for picture book recipe

The whiskey sour, also known as a bourbon sour, is the first mixed drink I learned from my dad quite a few years ago. Below are a couple tips. Just click this link or the picture above for a complete step-by-step picture book recipe.

Whiskey (Bourbon) Sour TIPS: 

1. Rule of Thumb: For every 1 ounce of lemon juice, add 1 teaspoon sugar, and 2 ounces bourbon. The goal with this drink is to create a full, slightly sweetened but tart “Wah!” of flavor. Just great!

2. About the ingredients: Making the drink with a quality bourbon is important, though it’s the lemons that make the most significant difference in the drink because lemons can vary so much in sweet and sour flavor. For the best possible drink, use fresh lemons that are heavier in weight and slightly soft to the touch as they should also be juicier and more flavorful than those that are lighter in weight and rock hard to touch.

Whiskey Sour Tribute to Dear Ol’ Mom

My dear ol’ mom turned 90 August 6th. My mom’s been a lifelong mentor and strong inspiration to me. I’ve had the very fortunate pleasure more than a few times over the years she was an active doctor to catch a glimpse of her treating patients that came to her, usually with very tough diseases. Even as a young kid, I could see how she was always a person first and doctor second by the way she put her patients at ease and treated them as people, not cases. What a privilege to see that kind of real human compassion in action! Read more »

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