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Mindful Eating: The Key to a Meaningful Diet

First, I think when people hear or speak the word “diet”, they mean one intended to promote weight loss, though diet in its pure sense is what we as individuals eat regularly. Everyone has a diet, whether it’s healthy or not, and some of those diets are more targeted than others. A gluten-free diet is one specifically intended to eliminate gluten consumption. A diabetic diet is one intended to control blood sugar levels. The list of targeting dieting options is probably endless.

Second, I’m a huge TED talk fan. TED stands for “technology, entertainment and design”. TED talks are short, specific, delivered by experts and, to me at least, add an enriching and inspiring perspective to life. Read more »

Alexandra Zissu’s THE CONSCIOUS KITCHEN shows how everyday food choices can change the world

 Click the photo above for a link to THE CONSCIOUS KITCHEN by Alexandra Zissu. I haven’t read the book yet, but have read the notes, watched a video and want to read it soon. Would love to hear your comments about it.

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