“Snowful” Exuberance!

Screenshot 2014-02-04 21.19.00

Anyone else have a tough time going to sleep last night knowing a good pounding of snow was on the way today?

I’d only first heard it was really coming as I finished up a terrific winter walk in the woods at Lake Chauncy late yesterday afternoon. I ran into a woman walking her dogs who told me a bit stressfully that she was making the most of the time she had right then to get outside before the snow.

“We’re really supposed to get snow?”

“Supposed to get a lot starting about five in the morning.”



Now, I’d known there was a storm out there – Nika – headed our way, but we’ve had others blow by that barely laid down any white here. 

I checked the weather guess when I got home, saw the storm was no-kidding pointed in our direction. Already I could feel my heart start to race, which only picked up in pace when I woke up in the middle of the night to see this on my phone.


Then I woke up to this on my car.


All right! And, wow, I’m chompin’ to get out the door and lay down some ski tracks!



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