Short Notice Cycling Rocket Fuel: Nut Butter and Trail Mix Toast


With the weather turning on a dime the way it has lately as fall blends into winter, I’ve been hawking the forecast both online and out my window quite a bit lately to pick just the right time to rip out on the bike. Inevitably, I’ll find that window opens just after whatever I’ve had for breakfast or lunch has already spent all its energy inside me. Yah, I sure know a good deal of that energy loss could be due to some of the “caged Bruce” pacing I do between work tasks.  

Lately, I’ve come up with a very quick and easy way to fuel up and take advantage of those weather windows that sometimes close as fast as they open by making nut butter and trail mix toast, which is really just a variation on the standard PB&J. But, wow, is it flavorful – especially with German dark whole grain bread that adds a fantastic, pleasantly teeth-sticking chew!

Nutritionally, the toast and the dried fruit in the trail mix provide a good blast of complex carbs to get me launched on the road. The nut butter and nuts in the trail mix then give me some easy to digest protein and good fat to sustain the energy burn. It’s great stuff that can also be used as a muscle recharging post-ride/workout snack. I love that kind of versatility!

Here’s all you need. Just click any picture on this page for a complete step-by-step picture book recipe. Ride on!


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