Ramen Smash! Dorm Room Snack by and for College Students

Ramen Smash!

“No, Dad.”

My oldest son stopped tapping on the computer, but still had his back to me after politely enduring me telling him about a ramen noodle recipe I’d just put together.

“Here’s what we do.” He still didn’t turn around but showed me with his hands out to his side. “We leave the ramen bag closed, hit it a couple times to break up the noodles, open the bag, add the stuff in the flavor packet, close the bag, give it a quick shake and eat ‘em. Done.”

“No water?”

“No water.”

No way.

A couple minutes later, just after he’d jumped in the shower, his girlfriend showed up.

“Hey, Katie, Max just told me this is what he does with Ramen noodles.” I explained. She nodded. “Yah, that’s what we all do.”

A day or so later, Max and I shot the recipe that’s now part of a first-of-a-kind step-by-step video and picture ebook: Dorm Room Food: Snacks, Sandwiches and Tortillas. The coolest version is available at the iTunes store (just search my name) because the videos are embedded right in the book with no need to link to the Internet, though another version is available for any device. Most importantly, just like Ramen noodles themselves, the ebook in any version is dirt-cheap but packed with stuff that’s full-on flavorful. Just click this link or either picture on this page for a PDF picture book sample of this Ramen Smash recipe.

Finished Ramen Smash

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