Pistachio Pesto: Nutty, Herby, and All in Pictures

Pistachio PestoIf you like pistachios and basil or are already a big fan of pesto, you’ll love this recipe. As I mention on the first page of the step-by-step picture book recipe shown below you can get by clicking any picture on this page,…

Pistachio Pesto Picture Book Recipe

…I first saw this pistachio pesto recipe in the July 2015 issue of Bicycling magazine, where it was featured as a post-ride protein-rich snack to be used on pasta, on toast, with vegetables, or any way you like.

Bicycling Magazine - Pistachio PestoAs you can see with the notes I scratched on the Bicycling article above, I then modified the ingredients slightly by adding garlic (you’ve gotta’ have garlic in pesto!), cutting the salt content, and also adding a zesty shot of balsamic vinegar. Like any recipe, which is always only a guide – you can make pistachio pesto exactly as shown here or modify it as you like to suit your own taste – imagination is your only limit (I just used a combination of basil and cilantro to make this last night as I was short on the basil I would’ve otherwise needed – great result!).

Here’s what you need to make pistachio pesto as laid out in the easy to use step-by-step picture book recipe.

Pistachio Pesto Ingredients

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