Picture Book Directions Show How to Microwave Cook Fresh Spinach

The most important tip regarding spinach is that the less you cook it, the more you retain its flavor, texture, and terrific nutritional value – high in the oil soluble vitamins A, E and K and water soluble vitamins B2, B6 and C as well as rich iron and magnesium content. There’s just no comparison between quickly cooked fresh spinach and spinach that’s been cooked to a very distasteful mushy mass. (My favorite source for spinach’s nutrition and health benefits is The World’s Healthiest Foods: http://whfoods.org/genpage.php?tname=foodspice&dbid=43)

The second most important tip: to avoid an unpleasant crunch on the sandy soil spinach grows in, always give fresh spinach a good rinse before cooking or eating it raw – even if that spinach has been packaged and the label says it’s been  double or triple washed.

Here’s what you need to microwave cook spinach. Click any picture on this page for complete step-by-step picture book directions.


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