Papa’s Pilar Mai Tai – All in Pictures


How much more fun could it be than to write about my favorite spirit, a writing hero and an inspiring drink-making legend – all at once?

First, the rum. Papa’s Pilar is a tribute to Ernest “Papa” Hemingway and his “never a spectator” love for life – a love he shared with friends aboard his “Pilar” Caribbean traveling fishing boat. You bet, I got a wry smile reading how, just like Hemingway, Papa’s Pilar is billed as “Bold, well-traveled, uniquely American”.



And then I tasted it. Wow – Full-on flavor to the hilt! Every line I’d read about its “complex notes of vanilla, cinnamon, coffee bean and honey” for Pilar Dark and “creamy, buttery, vanilla taste” for Pilar Blonde was dead-on accurate and big smile enjoyed. If this is how rum should taste, no wonder it fueled Paul Revere’s historic ride, was served on demand by George Washington at his inauguration, and was enjoyed by Ernest Hemingway on his many larger-than-life adventures.

So, how ‘bout some fun? Vic “Trader Vic” Bergeron invented one of rum’s premier drinks, the Mai Tai (Tahitian for “out of this world”), and is known for having said, “Anyone who says I didn’t create the Mai Tai is a dirty rotten stinker”.  I’ve gotta’ imagine if Ernest Hemingway and “Trader Vic” Bergeron ever got together, there’d be a hell of a good time to follow. So, why not make a drink that brings them and their spirits both together?

That’s exactly what this Papa’s Pilar Mai Tai does. Just click any picture on this page for a direct link to step-by-step picture book directions.


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