How to Cook Dried Kidney Beans – All in Pictures

How to Cook Dried Kidney BeansBuying and cooking dried instead of canned kidney (or any) beans has two distinct advantages: dried beans are less expensive than canned beans, and, unlike canned beans – even those labeled “low salt/sodium”, dried beans are not at all processed with added salt or preservatives. Here’s an example of an ingredients label from a bag of dried kidney beans in my kitchen.

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Microwave Beans Alfredo Fusion: Full-On Flavor and All in Pictures

Microwave Beans Alfredo Fusion I’m a big fusion fan! Here’s a fully flavorful, richly nutritious, and very easy to make recipe that came to mind while ripping it on a gorgeously colorful fall bike ride the other day that combines – or fuses – the Italian creamy Parmesan cheese flavor of a modified (less fat, lower calorie) Alfredo sauce with the richly flavorful and nutritious Latin American staples of kidney beans, cilantro, avocado, and tomato.

Here’s a picture of what you need to make a bowl of microwave cooked beans Alfredo fusion.

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Sweet and Savory Fig, Plum, Onion & Lettuce Salad – All in Pictures

Sweet & Savory Fig, Plum, Onion & Lettuce SaladLike a richly balanced symphony of sound, the sweet and savory ingredients in this salad bring out the best in complimentary flavors. The sweetness of fruit enhances the savoriness of lettuce and onions, and the savory does the same to the sweet.

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Pasta with Sausage and Fresh Fig Sauce – All in Pictures

Pasta with Sausage and Fresh Fig Sauce

Pasta with sausage and fresh fig sauce: great stuff! Aside from its warmly robust sweet and savory flavor, the sausage and fig sauce can be made in the same time it takes just to cook pasta.

Now, what if fresh figs aren’t on the market – or you don’t like them? No problem. Just substitute those figs with any other available fruits: apples, pears, peaches, or plums – or whatever suits your taste.

Here’s what you need for ingredients.

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Pumpkin Pumped Whipped Cream – All in Pictures

Pumpkin Pumped Whipped CreamI started making pumpkin pumped fresh whipped cream last year by substituting some of the sugar used to make fresh whipped cream with Trader Joe’s pumpkin butter. Now, if you can’t get pumpkin butter, you can use pumpkin pie spice and the equivalent amount of apple butter, which usually readily available. Here’s a shot of the ingredients you need.

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Taking Fish Tacos From Simple to Exciting! – All in Pictures

Fish Tacos - Simple to Exciting!Fish tacos: fantastically flavorful, easy to make, and just as easy to vary in flavor using either your choice or a combination of the “simple to exciting!” ingredients you see below – or whatever you want to suit your imagination and taste.

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Another Blessed Sunday – by Bill Fleming: In Pictures

I’ve laid down a couple fish recipes lately and have another that I’ll put up soon. But first, I got the fish/fishing story you see below from a darn good friend I served with in the Navy it seems like lifetimes ago. Bill Fleming was – and still is – the real deal as both a river boat gunner in Vietnam and savvy intelligence officer both at sea on carriers and on land in Washington DC. We got a lot done together in DC while, at the same time, having our good share of laughs.

Bill posted this story on Facebook a few weekends ago. I got a good smile out of it and hope you do too.

Introduction: With nothing planned for lunch, our Lord provides, I’ve always been told. So, in pictures, this is how my (recent) Sunday of culinary experiences unfolded.

It all started about 6:00 A. M., much darker than it appears. The lonely dock became my church, sort of, with a congregation of one this morn. That’s the moon shining overhead, not the sun! I plugged for bass and jigged for crappie, turning up one undersized specimen, released to grow some more.

Bill Fleming - Another Blessed Sunday 1

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Fish Tacos – Quick & Easy and All in Pictures

Quick and Easy Fish TacosLast post showed how to cook a whole fish on the stove, which is a technique I just recently learned – and like very much for its terrific flavor and because it makes the most of the fish by reducing the loss of meat that takes place when fish is filleted (removed from the bone while the fish is raw). But since filleted fish is most available on the market, especially in our U.S. grocery stores, making these quick and easy fish tacos is a great way to make a complete and fantastically flavorful meal with a good piece of fish fillet.

Here’s what you need for ingredients to make quick and easy fish tacos.

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Stove Cooked Whole Fish with Fresh Vegetables – All in Pictures

Stove Cooked Whole Fish with Fresh Vegetables

Just a few weeks ago one of my sons and I went fishing for black sea bass out of Falmouth, Massachusetts. When we got back, I commented to our boat captain as he cleaned our catch about the amount of waste that went into filleting the fish. The boat captain the next slip down heard my comment and mentioned that we Americans are about the only culture that fillets fish. Most everyone else cooks their fish whole. That captain, Capt. Willy Hatch, who runs Machaca Charters, then told me that he particularly likes to coat the fish skin with a dry rub, meaning dried herbs and spices, and then cook the fish, with just the head removed, in hot oil, which essentially steams the fish from the inside out in its own juices. Capt. Willy, great guy, then prepared two fish exactly the way I needed to cook them whole as shown in the picture below.

Stove Cooked Whole Fish with Fresh Vegetables Ingredients

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Crisp Corn and Bell Pepper Salad – All in Pictures

Crisp Corn and Bell Pepper Salad

Last two posts showed how to cook corn on the stove and in the microwave oven. Easy. Here’s a great way to combine the crisp sweetness of corn with bell pepper (I like using red, yellow, or orange bell pepper for this because they’re sweeter and more flavorful than green bell peppers), onion, garlic, and cilantro. Terrific combination!

Here’s what you need to make this crisp corn and bell pepper salad for 3-4 people.

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