Cherry Pancake with Nut Butter and Fruit – All in Pictures

Cherry Pancake with Topping & TDF Stage 11

Tony Gallopin crunched a mountain climbing first French win of the Tour de France on stage 11 from Besancon to Oyonnax while American Andrew Telansky courageously braved finishing the stage despite injuries from earlier crashes that put him far behind the field.

On the food side of life, sure, you can have fresh cherry pancake just the way it is. It has fruit, protein and complex carbohydrates all fantastically flavorfully packaged together. What you see here is just an example of an easy way to take that cherry pancake from simple to exciting by adding a shot of nut butter, laying down some fresh fruit, and topping it all off with a spoon of yogurt and, of course, fresh whipped cream.

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What the Tour Teaches About Mountains to Climb – Not Always on the Bike

Goethe quote

I just saw this terrifically dead-on quote on the back of a special edition issue of Scientific American dedicated to cardiovascular disease.

Here’s how that quote applies to a slice of life while the Tour de France is underway. Like any sport that pits man – or woman – against tough obstacles, I look at cycling as a metaphor for life. Today, the men of the Tour de France head into the Alps from Besancon to Oyonnax. It’ll be tough – with lots of climbing and focused effort on winning. Yes, painful. But, at the same time, great!

Today, I’ll climb a different kind of mountain: visiting Massachusetts State Representatives to continue to advocate moving forward a unified effort among MASS (Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents), MASC (Massachusetts Association of School Committees) and MASBO (Massachusetts Association of School Business Officials) to effect positive change in education with precious little time remaining in the current legislative session that ends July 31st.

Here’s an outline of the situation.

The big picture:

  • Today’s education = tomorrow’s economy
  • 30% of our population is engaged in education
  • A better educated workforce = stronger tax base

The problem:

  • Our schools are currently overwhelmed by mandated regulations and reporting requirements that distract attention and divert resources needed to provide students with the content and skills they need to succeed in a highly competitive global economy


  • Massachusetts leads the nation in education but is ranked 4th in reading, 10th in math, and 7th in science internationally (PISA 2012)
  • Excessive bureaucracy is driving valuably skilled teachers and administrators away from education

The solution:

  • Make sense of mandates and regulations to take a first positive step toward helping our schools provide the education our students need to compete globally


  • We’re asking that state legislators make a specific bill, H.3722 (An Act to establish an education mandate task force), a priority for enactment this legislative session.

Just like the Tour, the effort above is not about one person at all. It’s about a team effort – and it will be fun!



Cherry Pancake on Top of a Tour Rest Day – All in Pictures

Stage 10 win & cherry pancakeAnother gutsy come-from-behind win by Team Astana’s Vincenzo Nibali on stage 10 from Mulhouse to the top of La Planche des Belles Filles in the Vosges mountains. And, though the sun did come out after another incredibly wet day, the road and the weather took another leading contender, Alberto Contador, out of the race.

It’s a rude understatement to say the men of the Tour deserve a day’s rest. Here’s a cherry pancake to make that rest sweeter – or to add fantastically flavorful variety to your breakfast.

Cherry Pancake

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Bastille Day Mis-Fire-Works – And Living to Tell About It

Bastille Day - Day 10 of Tour de France

Here’s what a picture-perfect start to stage 10 of the Tour de France on Bastille Day – complete even with some kinda’ “smoke’s on!” fireworks on the side of the road – and a very fresh and flavorful breakfast looked like this morning.

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Fresh Whipped Cream – Everyday and All in Pictures

Stage 8 win & Fresh Whipped Cream

The skies over the Tour have been whipped with rain. Here’s a much more flavorful cloud: fresh whipped cream – nothing better…and darn easy to make! Definitely going in my coffee as I watch stage 8 of the Tour after a quick ride on my own.

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Tour de France Stage 6 & Wine and Gin Citrus Chill

Tour Stage 6 rides past Verdin Memorial

The tour ripped on from Epernay to Nancy in Northern France yesterday during the second longest stage of the Tour this year. Here’s a drink that –  ok, it’s a stretch – commemorates the unified England and France flavor of the Tour: wine and gin citrus chill.

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Wake Up to the Tour with Pan Cooked French Toast and a Choice of Toppings – All in Pictures

Tour & French Toast

The Tour on TV and the smell of butter, eggs, bread, and a good shot of ground cinnamon cooking in the frying pan! Click either the picture above or directly below for a complete, easy to follow step-by-step picture book recipe.

As for toppings, sure, you can use traditional maple syrup.

French Toast & Maple SyrupBut just click any of the pictures below for picture book recipes that show how to put together very easy and terrifically flavorful alternative toppings. As always, what you see in those recipes works fine but is just intended to fire up your imagination. Try something different and make it all yours!

French Toast with Yogurt, Jam & Fresh Fruit French Toast with Nut Butter & Jam

French Toast with a Savory Topping



Cobble Destroyed Tour de France Day & Crepes Made Easy – All in Pictures


Stage 5 win & crepes made easy

What an incredibly tough and destructive day on the cobblestones in the dreaded stage 5 of the Tour de France yesterday between Ypres and Arenberg Porte du Hainaut, still in Northern France. Congratulations to Dutchman Lars Boom (great name!) for destroying a field of tough, tough men and winning today’s stage!

Just one word about the whole event today – and I’m 3000 miles away: “OUCH!” Another few words: cobblestones are part of classic road pavement history – and should be permanent history as far as pro cycle racing is concerned. Too many of the world’s best athletes got smoked today, including last year’s Tour winner Chris Froome, on history’s pavement relics.

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Baguette Full-On – All French and All Fun!

Stage 4 finish & baguette full-on

Another stunning win by Marcel Kittel – hey, the guy’s won three of the first four stages of  the Tour – with incredible strength and speed. And this was the first stage (section) of this year’s Tour in France from Le Touquet-Paris-Plage to Lille Metropole. Terrific!

All right! The Tour’s now in France. So how ’bout something, well, simply French?

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Tour de France Yorkshire Pudding Ideas – In Pictures

Yorkshire Pudding Ideas MontageRight now, here in this post, we’re pausing – just briefly – with a refreshingly crisp Tom Collins toast to a terrific 3-day Tour de France start in England with a crunching win – again – by Marcel Kittel in London yesterday. And now, on to Le Touquet-Paris-Plage to Lille Metropole in France and Belgium

Marcel's Win & My Tom Collins

On the food side of life, it’s been a real thrill finding ways to use both the traditional savory version of Yorkshire pudding and an improvised breakfast version – that I’ve enjoyed everyday since this past Friday. Read more »

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