Tour Toast to Vincenzo Nibali – Sparkling Wine and Rum Punch Blast

Tour Toast to Vincenzo NibaliBy holding the overall leader’s yellow jersey virtually end-to-end, Italian cycling champ Vincenzo Nibali has more than proven his hard-earned magical dominant status this Tour de France 2014. En français: Incroyable (incredible)! In italiano: Congratulazioni, Vincenzo!

As a toast to Vincenzo’s victory, which he’ll nail down during the Tour’s final stage ride into Paris today, here’s a really cool drink that combines the crisp, bubbly flavor of dry Prosecco (Italian sparkling wine) with the tropical flavors of rum and citrus juice: Sparkling Wine and Rum Punch Blast.

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Power Finish to Tour & Fully Flavorful Microwave Omelet S2E – In Pictures

Stage 19 & MW Omelet S2E

Wet & nasty stage 19 of the Tour de France yesterday. Powerful 30-plus time trial today. On to the Paris tomorrow. Wow, it’s been a rip of a tour!

Here’s something that no matter the weather or need for power will give you a bright breakfast smile: Microwave Cooked Omelet – From Simple to Exciting. Aside from the flavor, the really cool thing about making this omelet is that you can mix, cook, and eat the omelet from the same plate. I dig that – a lot!

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Incredibly Easy Microwave Cooked Omelet – In Video & Pictures

Stage 18 & Microwave Cooked Omelet Picture Book Recipe page

Stage 18 of the Tour de France with its climb up the famed (and horribly brutal) Col de Tourmalet and Hautacam was just that – brutal. Ouch!

As for us mortals (nothing mere about us at all), here’s a great way to power up in the morning with a quick, easy – and brutally flavorful – microwave cooked omelet.

Microwave Cooked Omelet

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High Protein Power Tuna Salad – All in Pictures & Video

Stage 17 & Power Tuna SaladHad to launch early yesterday morning and reluctantly missed the four grueling stage 17 Tour de France climbs in the Pyrenees. Gotta’ a good feeling some of the riders wish they could say the same – and still live to ride another day to tell about it.

In the end, it’s all about what you use to burn in your tank when you’re pushed to the limit. Here’s a great recipe to power you when you need it – with full-on flavor: Power Tuna Salad.

Power Tuna Salad

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Tough Pyrenees Climbs: Easy One-Bowl Power Cereal Breakfast – All in Pictures

Michael Rogers and Power Cereal

Congratulations to Michael Rogers, who took an early lead from the pack yesterday and won stage 16 from Carcassone to Bagneres de Luchon with rivals nipping at his heels.

I know I’ve laid down quite a few breakfast recipes lately, but that’s the meal I have when I click on the Tour in the morning. Breakfast is also the foundation meal for the men before they take off to crush miles on the road.

Here’s a breakfast I’ve had many times before a ride that’s easy to make, easy to clean up afterward, and best of all, is fantastically flavorful: Microwave Power Cereal that you can get by clicking any picture on this page.

Power Cereal Picture Book Recipe page

Pre or Post Ride Nut Butter and Trail Mix on Toast – All in Pictures

Pyrenees & Nut Butter and Trail Mix on ToastRest day over. The men of the Tour crank it into the Pyrenees for 237 kilometer (147 miles) of serious climbing. Here’s what the profile looks like. Ouch!

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Rice Pudding Full-On! – All in Pictures

Rice Pudding Full-OnDidn’t see stage 15 of the Tour live yesterday, though I’m watching a replay now. No shame – not a drop. I was on the road yesterday morning laying down a very fun, gorgeously cool (for July) 25 mile ride on the Nashua River Trail in North Central Massachusetts with a darn good friend who’s recently gotten back to biking – and absolutely loves it! Terrific!

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Tour de France Rice Pudding – All in Pictures

Tour de France mountains & rice puddingStage 14 of the Tour de France was another brutal assault up the Alps from Grenoble to Risoul. Now, where the men rode wasn’t quite like the upper left picture, but then again, it wasn’t far from it.

On the food side of life, I got a real thrill hearing recently retired Tour racer and now NBCSN announcer Christian Vande Velde talk yesterday about a typical Tour cyclist’s daily course of meals. One thing that caught my ear was his – and I’m sure other racer’s – particular love for rice pudding as a healthy dessert. All right!

Though I’m a fan, I’d never before made rice pudding myself. So, I checked out some recipes, figured out my own way – and laid it down in picture book format.

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Powering Up with Microwave Cooked Power French Toast – All in Pictures

Stage 13 & MW Cooked Power French ToastWhoa, the men of the Tour de France had a tough day yesterday from St. Etienne to Chamrousse with a numbing 3000 foot climb for the last 8 or so miles. Ouch! And, still, Vincenzo Nibali leads the way.

And, today – almost all uphill climbing from Grenoble to Risoul. Ow!

The men will need power. Here’s a great power meal – with a good shot of French: Microwave Cooked Power French Toast.

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Almond Butter with Dried Cranberries, Flaxseed and Toasted Coconut – All in Pictures

Cherry Pancake with Almond Butter and Fresh FruitNut butter. It’s great stuff for it’s energy packing protein and healthy fat content. It tastes great. And, it’s easy to make. What you see above is what I had after a good ride with excellent cycling bud Ken Kolbe to Wachusett Mountain in Central Massachusetts (below) – cherry pancake with nut butter and fresh peach and mango. Ken Kolbe rippin' it toward Wachusett Mountain Not too long ago, I posted a fresh almond butter step-by-step picture book recipe, which you can get by clicking this link. But, hey, the Tour’s on. It’s all about France, great cycling, incredible scenery, and terrific food and flavor. So, here’s how to make Almond Butter with Dried Cranberries, Flaxseed and Toasted Coconut. Almond Butter with Dried Cranberries, Flaxseed and Toasted Coconut Read more »

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