Basil Pesto: Fresh, Full-On Flavor, and All in Pictures

Basil Pesto

Last post showed how to make pistachio pesto, which is just a more nutty variation on basil pesto. I call basil pesto “summer butter”. It’s always in my fridge, and I use it regularly on pasta and grains, as a sandwich spread, with freshly cooked or uncooked vegetables (you’ve gotta’ check it out on corn on the cob), freshly cooked fish or chicken – just about anything. Great stuff!

Here are the ingredients and…

Basil Pesto Ingredients

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Pistachio Pesto: Nutty, Herby, and All in Pictures

Pistachio PestoIf you like pistachios and basil or are already a big fan of pesto, you’ll love this recipe. As I mention on the first page of the step-by-step picture book recipe shown below you can get by clicking any picture on this page,…

Pistachio Pesto Picture Book Recipe

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Kid-Friendly Microwave Cooked Tortilla Pizza – All in Pictures

Microwave Cooked Tortilla PizzaSummer’s rippin’ to an end. Kids’ll be back to school soon. Here’s another easy way to help encourage their independence in the kitchen. My then 10-year-old daughter showed me how to make this quick and easy tortilla pizza that kids can make on their own safely for either a snack, lunch, or dinner.

Here’s all you need to make a tortilla pizza that takes about 1 minute prep time and about 45 seconds to cook in the microwave oven. Microwave Cooked Tortilla Pizza Ingredients Read more »

Empowering Kids in the Kitchen with Kid-Friendly Quick & Easy Tuna Salad – All in Pictures

Kid-Friendly Tuna SaladThis quick & easy kid-friendly to make tuna salad is a great way to empower kids’s confident independence in kitchen because it requires only 3 ingredients, 3 pieces of equipment, and no cutting with a knife or even the use of a can opener if you buy cans of tuna with pull-tab tops as shown below.

Kid-Friendly Tuna Salad IngredientsClick any picture on this page for a complete, very colorful step-by-step picture book recipe.

Kid-Friendly Tuna Salad Picture Book Recipe



Tomato, Fresh Basil & Mozzarella Salad – All in Pictures

Step-by-step picture book recipe shows how to make a tomato, fresh basil and mozzarella cheese salad

One of my favorite late summer foods is freshly picked, richly flavorful, no-kidding vine ripened tomatoes, which I usually get fresh from the field at Berberian’s Farm Stand in Northborough, MA. And one of my favorite ways to enjoy those tomatoes is in a fantastically flavorful and easy to make salad made with fresh basil (also from Berberian’s), mozzarella cheese, olive oil, a little salt, a good crunch of ground black pepper and, of course, a shot of balsamic vinegar.

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Microwave Cooked Omelet YOUR Way – All in Pictures

MW Cooked Omelet S2EIt’s all about taste – YOUR taste – and ease…and speed…and not having to clean more than one dish (a microwave safe plate) when it’s all over. Though the ingredients shown below work and taste great together, use the step-by-step picture book recipe you can get by clicking any picture on this page as a guide to help you make a microwave cooked omelet your way.

MW Cooked Omelet S2E ingredients

Incredibly Easy Microwave Cooked Omelet – In Pictures and Video

Microwave Cooked Omelet

Last post showed how to make a quick, easy, and fully flavorful stove cooked omelet. Here’s how to make a simple omelet even quicker and easier using the microwave oven, which is a great way to go if you’re on the fly because you can mix, cook, and eat the omelet right on the same plate, which greatly reduces both preparation and cleanup time.

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Stove Cooked Omelet – Quick, Easy, and All in Pictures

Quick & Easy Stove Cooked Omelet

Last post talked about why eggs don’t deserve the bad reputation they’ve had for quite a while. Right now, here’s a heart-of-the-envelope egg recipe, a simple stove cooked omelet, that’s both fully flavorful and incredibly quick and easy to make.

Here are the ingredients needed to make a simple stove cooked omelet.

Quick & Easy Stove Cooked Omelet IngredientsHere’s what you need for equipment.

Quick & Easy Stove Cooked Omelet Equipment

Click any picture on this page for a colorful and easy to follow step-by-step picture book recipe that includes a link to a short step-by-step video.

Quick & Easy Stove Cooked Omelet Picture Book Recipe

Freeing Eggs From a Bad Rap – With Links

Bad Eggs

Not too long ago I wrote about the very undeserved bad rap bananas have gotten. And like I mentioned in that segment, I’ll certainly admit I was one of those people who got taken for a ride. But life is all about learning and adapting. I learned the truth about bananas and very quickly adapted my diet include them again, quite happily.

Along with bananas, there’s another prominent food that’s been badly criticized for increasing the chances of heart disease and that food is eggs. Yes, eggs are high in free cholesterol, but they’re also extraordinarily rich in protein and other vital nutrients our bodies most need. But, regarding cholesterol, research now indicates that it’s not so much the cholesterol in eggs that causes problems with most of us, it’s actually the saturated fat that comes in the foods that are known to accompany eggs, such as bacon or sausage – or even donuts. Read more »

Kid-Safe To Make Father’s Day Fresh Berries, Yogurt, Jam & Whipped Cream – All In Pictures

Fresh Berries, Yogurt, Jam & Whipped CreamHere’s a fully flavorful, completely kid-safe to make recipe kids can put together quickly and easily for Father’s Day – or anytime at all.

All you need are the following ingredients – that don’t require any cutting with a knife – and…

Fresh Berries, Yogurt, Jam & Whipped Cream Ingredients

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