Pumpkin Pumped Whipped Cream – All in Pictures

Pumpkin Pumped Whipped CreamAmerica has gone nuts on pumpkins. Man, these days you can get pumpkin latte, pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin butter, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pumpkin. And I’ve barely scratched the surface.

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Microwave Oven Cooked French Toast – All in Pictures

Microwave Oven Cooked French ToastThe only downside to making French toast in the microwave oven is that you can’t get the slightly crisp crust on the surface of the bread the way you can when your cook French toast in the frying pan. But the positives way outnumber that one slight negative. For me, the coolest thing about making French toast in the microwave oven – aside from it’s fantastic flavor – is using the same plate to soak, cook, and eat the French toast from, which greatly cuts down on cleanup afterwards.

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Fresh Apple Pancake: Flapjack Alternative – All in Pictures

Fresh Apple Pancake

Nothing much better to wake up to than the smell of apples cooking quickly topped with a good shake of ground cinnamon, especially when there’s color in the trees – or snow on the ground.

The hardest part about making this fresh and flavorful apple pancake – that’s nothing like a syrup soaking, sugar high and crash inducing flapjack – is turning it over from fruit-side up to fruit-side down so that the fruit side of pancake can cook in the pan and then turning the pancake back to fruit-side up to serve on a plate. But, no problem. The step-by-step directions you can get by clicking any picture on this page show how to make those turns as easily and safely as possible using either a pan top (as shown below) or large plate.

Flipping Fresh Apple Pancake

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New Short Guacamole and White Bean Recipe Video & Updated Picture Book Recipe

Guacamole with White BeansJust posted a new short video that shows how to make guacamole with white beans, which both tastes great and provides a beneficial blast of dietary fiber.

Guacamole w. White Beans video still 200kb

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Thanks and a Toast to My Dear Ol’ Mom

Mom at Mark Hopkins, San Francisco My 92 year old mom died two weeks ago. Like I mentioned at her celebration of life last Saturday, which really was a celebration of her fiercely independent nature, compassion for others, and gutsy expression of free will right to the very end, Mom was strong and positive role model, mentor, and darn good friend.  As I’ve written here before, she was a pioneer both in medicine and as a well-rounded, frontier-loving world traveler.

Mom celebration of life displayMom had some terrific lines she used to lay on us as kids – and even as adults. “Better safe than sorry.” That one usually prodded me to do something other than what was prescribed. “Always bring a sweater.” Mom knitted us some gorgeous sweaters as kids, and if one of them, like the one shown below, was on me when I walked out the door, great. Otherwise, I’d be ok. “Put a nickel in it!” I never knew where that came from or where the nickel was supposed to go, but my brothers and I sure got the intent whenever we “lallygagged” behind her brisk and purposeful forward stride.

Mom made sweaterBut the one line that stands out most now is, “Wake up and die right!” I found that line a bit odd in my younger years, but I sure get it now. It’s all about living life full-on moment to moment and doing whatever you can to make a positive contributing difference wherever you are.

Well, Mom, that’s the deal. I get it, greatly appreciate every moment I got to share with you, and will keep your spirit alive in everything I do!

Lots of love, Mom! Thanks and cheers!

Mom & whiskey sour toast



Kid-Friendly Power Cinnamon Toast – All in Pictures

Kid-Friendly Power Cinnamon Toast

This plain or power cinnamon toast step-by-step picture book is a great, very easy way to help empower kids in the kitchen and keep them powered up for a good sustained energy burn.

Here’s all it takes to put it together – and, as always, there are just suggested ingredients. Let your – and your kids’s – imaginations run.

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Grafton-Mendon Ride and Post-Ride Lunch

Grafton-Mendon Ride ShotsThe pre-ride breakfast I posted here yesterday (below) kept me going no problem for a big smile 48.7 mile ride with good biking bud, Ken, out through Grafton and Mendon.

Pre-Grafton-Mendon Ride Breakfast

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Pre-Rip Up the Road Balanced Breakfast

Pre-Ride Breakfast

Got a great looking morning with dry air and bright sun shining through the window.

Great biking day through the window

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Guacamole with White Beans – Great Flavor & Fiber All in Pictures

Guacamole with White BeansIn addition to tasting great, avocados are uniquely rich in heart healthy and anti-inflammatory properties. Here’s a terrifically easy, flavor and fiber packed variation on “chop & smash” guacamole that includes tips on using regularly processed vs. sodium reduced canned beans as well as how to check avocados for ripeness and/or ripen them as quickly as possible.

Canned Bean Salt Content & How to Ripen an Avocado

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Heirloom Tomato, Fresh Basil, and Feta Cheese Salad – All in Pictures

Heirloom Tomato, Fresh Basil & Feta Cheese SaladIf you’re a tomato fan but never tried a fresh heirloom tomato – and you’re fortunate enough to have them available where you live, have at ‘em! They’re awesome!

Heirloom tomatoes are tomato varieties of different sizes, shapes and colors that have been passed down from generation to generation to maintain their favorable flavor, color and texture characteristics. Heirloom tomatoes are most plentifully available at the end of summer and are best when they’ve been ripened on the vine taken fresh off the field.

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