New Year’s Eve Sparkling Wine & Rum Punch Blast

Sparkling Wine and Rum Punch BlastThis Sparkling Wine & Rum Punch Blast combines combines dry, crisp Italian Prosecco (sparkling wine) with white rum and the summery citrus flavors of lemon, lime, and orange for a great tasting, easy to make twist on the traditional New Year’s Eve bottle of champagne.  Read more »

Fresh Mai Tai: Full-On Tropical Holiday Flavor – All in Pictures

Mai TaiAll right, the winter holidays – every one of ‘em – is right here and now, and I sure wish you Happy Holidays!

The other day while I was in downtown Boston, a good friend of mine, Andrea, mentioned that she and her family were going to have a luau Christmas this year. Terrific! It turns out Andrea will be in charge of the drinks and was thinking about making mai tais. Great! “Only, I’m quite sure I know how to make them,” she said. No problem, I told her. I have a recipe – all in pictures – at my site. I drilled up the site on my phone to show her right then and there and realized that what I’d had available wasn’t quite as clear as wanted it to be. Again, no problem. That’s one of the beauties of working digitally.

I got home, reshot and rewrote the recipe, and now have it here good to go.

Mai Tai Picture Book Recipe Read more »

TV Celebrity Chef Help for Can’t Cook Daughter-in-Laws

Meredith Vieira
Got a call yesterday from Alyson Difranco with The Meredith Vieira Show asking for help finding women, specifically daughter-in-laws who can’t cook, possibly to appear on an upcoming show with Meredith Vieira (pictured above).

Before passing on the casting call details, I checked out Meredith Vieira at her site online and found out that, aside from having fun,…

Meredith Vieira Show

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Roasting Chestnuts in an Oven or Toaster Oven – In Pictures

Roasted Chestnuts Just seeing fresh chestnuts in the store at this time of year brings back all kinds of memories to me – from seeing and smelling them roast on a cold night on the streets of New York City to cracking them open parked in front of a blazing fire in the living room with either cider in my very young years or Canadian Club and ginger ale after that.

Roasting chestnuts is darn easy. Here are a few tips. Read more »

Pineapple, Yogurt, Jam, and Dried Fruit – All in Pictures

Pineapple, Yogurt, and Jam

Last post showed how to ripen and cut a fresh pineapple as easily as possible. Here’s a fully flavorful and also very easy to make way to enjoy cut pineapple. As always, the ingredients you see below are only suggestions. Use your imagination to make your pineapple, yogurt, jam, and dried fruit all yours!

Pineapple, Yogurt, and Jam Ingredients Read more »

How to Cut a Fresh Pineapple – All in Pictures

How to Cut a Fresh PineappleYou bet winter’s starting to get its bone-chilling grip on us. Digging into a fresh, ripe pineapple’s a great way to take a tropical flavor vacation.

There are lots of great things about pineapple. One is that it’s usually not that expensive, especially if you buy it at a large discount club store. I pay about $3 for a pineapple here in Central Massachusetts. As for the fruit once you get it home – and ripen it – I love pineapple for it’s rich yellow flesh color, it’s terrific juiciness when it’s just ripe, it’s teeth satisfying soft crunch texture, and it’s magnificent more sweet than sour flavor.


Cutting a Fresh Pineapple Read more »

Turkey (Leftover) Nachos – In Pictures

Turkey Nachos

Turkey nachos are great for a quick lunch or dinner or as a flavorful companion with your favorite drink when you’re watching sports or whatever you want to watch comfortably warm from the cold outside. All you need is your favorite corn (or any) chips, leftover turkey – or any other meat you might’ve had for Thanksgiving, canned beans (optional) and melted cheese topped with your choice or a combination of sliced avocado, chopped tomato, chopped onion, sour cream or plain yogurt and/or salsa. Read more »

How to Remove and Store Meat From a Turkey – All in Pictures

Removing Meat from a Roast Turkey Now that Thanksgiving’s over – great holiday! – it’s time to think about leftovers that are limited only by your tasteful imagination…after first removing the meat from the turkey body and then storing that meat properly. 

Yeah, I know: I used to dislike removing meat from a turkey, but now that I know how to do it about as efficiently as possible, I don’t mind the job at all. Read more »

Stress-Free Turkey Roast and Easy Thanksgiving Help – All in Pictures

Carving Roast TurkeyHappy Thanksgiving!

I love Thanksgiving because all that’s expected is good company and a great tasting meal. At the same time, I sure understand that putting together that fantastically flavorful meal can mean a good deal of stress for those in the kitchen.  To help relieve that stress, here’s the easiest, most stress-free way I know to roast a moist and tender turkey, especially one that, like the majority of turkeys available, weighs less than 15 pounds. Read more »

Quick and Easy Pie Crust From Scratch – All in Pictures

Quick and Easy Pie CrustLast post showed how to make a Thanksgiving dinner standard: fresh sweet and sour fully flavorful cranberry sauce quickly, easily, and in advance. Here’s another recipe that can be made in advance: quick and easy pie crust from scratch that in no way is just a flavorless shell for a much more flavorful filling. Not at all! Read more »

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