How to Remove and Store Meat From a Turkey – All in Pictures

Removing Meat from a Roast Turkey Now that Thanksgiving’s over – great holiday! – it’s time to think about leftovers that are limited only by your tasteful imagination…after first removing the meat from the turkey body and then storing that meat properly. 

Yeah, I know: I used to dislike removing meat from a turkey, but now that I know how to do it about as efficiently as possible, I don’t mind the job at all. Read more »

Stress-Free Turkey Roast and Easy Thanksgiving Help – All in Pictures

Carving Roast TurkeyHappy Thanksgiving!

I love Thanksgiving because all that’s expected is good company and a great tasting meal. At the same time, I sure understand that putting together that fantastically flavorful meal can mean a good deal of stress for those in the kitchen.  To help relieve that stress, here’s the easiest, most stress-free way I know to roast a moist and tender turkey, especially one that, like the majority of turkeys available, weighs less than 15 pounds. Read more »

Quick and Easy Pie Crust From Scratch – All in Pictures

Quick and Easy Pie CrustLast post showed how to make a Thanksgiving dinner standard: fresh sweet and sour fully flavorful cranberry sauce quickly, easily, and in advance. Here’s another recipe that can be made in advance: quick and easy pie crust from scratch that in no way is just a flavorless shell for a much more flavorful filling. Not at all! Read more »

Fresh Cranberry Sauce and Stress-Free Thanksgiving Help

Fresh Cranberry SauceHomemade fresh cranberry sauce, with its Thanksgiving signature sweet and sour flavor and mouth pleasing snap and pop, tastes much better than canned cranberry sauce and is just as easy to make as boiled water. Fresh cranberry sauce can also be made well in advance and keeps fresh for weeks in the refrigerator.

Here’s all you need to make fresh cranberry sauce. Note: you’ll see a carton of orange juice in the picture below. Cranberry sauce recipes usually call for water. Instead of water, I like using fruit juice – orange juice as shown or apple or any other juice – for added flavor.

Fresh Cranberry Sauce IngredientsClick any picture above or this link for an easy to follow step-by-step picture book recipe. For complete stress-free Thanksgiving dinner help, click the picture below for a link to the Gotta’ Eat, Can’t Cook “Thanksgiving Help” page where you can find links to first-of-a-kind step-by-step Thanksgiving Dinner picture/video books as well has helpful and flavorful Thanksgiving tips.

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Kamut: Nutritious Great Tasting Ancient Wheat – Picture Book Cooking Directions

KamutEver since learning about flavorful, nutritious, and versatile quinoa (pronounced “keen-wah”) a few years ago, I’ve been looking for and experimenting with grains I’d never tried before. Recently, I found Kamut, which is a brandname derived from the ancient Egyptian word for “wheat”. Kamut, also known as khorasan wheat, is native to Afghanistan and Iran but is now grown in the US and Canada.  Read more »

Instant 5-Ingredient Salad Dressing – All in Pictures

Instant Salad DressingAll right! With Thanksgiving and a load of winter holidays well on the way, here’s a great, easy-to-make, and fantastically flavorful salad dressing you can make in under 5 minutes using only 5 ingredients.

Brief but funny note: I developed this recipe the first time I worked with a group of fellow military veterans. There was an outspoken guy among the group who said as I was talking about the teaspoon of both sugar and garlic salt I planned to use, “You don’t need that sh__(stuff)! I mean, we’ve got a lot of people here with diabetes and high blood pressure.”

Read more »

Pumpkin Pumped Whipped Cream – All in Pictures

Pumpkin Pumped Whipped CreamAmerica has gone nuts on pumpkins. Man, these days you can get pumpkin latte, pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin butter, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pumpkin. And I’ve barely scratched the surface.

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Microwave Oven Cooked French Toast – All in Pictures

Microwave Oven Cooked French ToastThe only downside to making French toast in the microwave oven is that you can’t get the slightly crisp crust on the surface of the bread the way you can when your cook French toast in the frying pan. But the positives way outnumber that one slight negative. For me, the coolest thing about making French toast in the microwave oven – aside from it’s fantastic flavor – is using the same plate to soak, cook, and eat the French toast from, which greatly cuts down on cleanup afterwards.

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Fresh Apple Pancake: Flapjack Alternative – All in Pictures

Fresh Apple Pancake

Nothing much better to wake up to than the smell of apples cooking quickly topped with a good shake of ground cinnamon, especially when there’s color in the trees – or snow on the ground.

The hardest part about making this fresh and flavorful apple pancake – that’s nothing like a syrup soaking, sugar high and crash inducing flapjack – is turning it over from fruit-side up to fruit-side down so that the fruit side of pancake can cook in the pan and then turning the pancake back to fruit-side up to serve on a plate. But, no problem. The step-by-step directions you can get by clicking any picture on this page show how to make those turns as easily and safely as possible using either a pan top (as shown below) or large plate.

Flipping Fresh Apple Pancake

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New Short Guacamole and White Bean Recipe Video & Updated Picture Book Recipe

Guacamole with White BeansJust posted a new short video that shows how to make guacamole with white beans, which both tastes great and provides a beneficial blast of dietary fiber.

Guacamole w. White Beans video still 200kb

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