Happy Thanksgiving & Picture Book Thanksgiving Dinner Help

Roast TurkeyThanksgiving: by far my favorite holiday! All that’s expected is a good meal with family and friends. For help in the kitchen, just click any picture on this page to get to the Gotta’ Eat, Can’t Cook Thanksgiving Help page that provides a planning and timing guide with links to step-by-step picture book recipes that show how to make favorite Thanksgiving dinner dishes: roast turkey (cooked quickly and tenderly at high heat), turkey gravy, mashed potatoes, bread stuffing, easy and flavorful pie crust, apple pie, and an assortment of whipped creams.


Thanksgiving Planning & Timing Guide

Happy Thanksgiving!

Fresh Cranberry Sauce and Picture Book Thanksgiving Help

Fresh Cranberry SauceHomemade fresh cranberry sauce, with its Thanksgiving signature sweet and sour flavor and mouth pleasing snap and pop, tastes much better than canned cranberry sauce and is just as easy to make as boiled water. Fresh cranberry sauce can also be made well in advance and keeps fresh for weeks in the refrigerator.

Here’s all you need to make fresh cranberry sauce. Note: you’ll see a carton of orange juice in the picture below. Cranberry sauce recipes usually call for water. Instead of water, I like using fruit juice – orange juice as shown or apple or any other juice – for added flavor.

Fresh Cranberry Sauce IngredientsClick any picture above for an easy to follow step-by-step picture book recipe. For more stress-free Thanksgiving dinner help, click this link to the Gotta’ Eat, Can’t Cook “Thanksgiving Help” page.


Thanksgiving Tip: Fresh or Frozen Turkey?

I’m sure you’ve seen signs in the grocery store urging you to order fresh turkeys now. But is fresh really better than frozen?

Actually, it’s really your preference because the quality of frozen and fresh turkey meat is about equal. Frozen turkeys are less expensive and can be stored in the freezer for at least a month with no loss in meat moisture and tenderness but require time to defrost. Fresh turkeys are more perishable and are therefore more expensive because of how they have to be handled to get them to market safely. Fresh turkeys should also be refrigerated until they’re ready to be prepared for roasting and should be cooked within a day or two of purchase to ensure maximum freshness. One key point: if you ordered a fresh turkey, make sure to pick it up the day BEFORE Thanksgiving at the latest as most grocery stores are closed Thanksgiving Day.

For more Thanksgiving tips and step-by-step picture book recipes designed to make your Thanksgiving as stress-free and FUN as possible, please check out the Thanksgiving Help page you can get by clicking this link or by clicking the tab as shown in the picture below.

Thanksgiving Help Page



Quinoa Power Bars: Full-On Flavorful Cycling/Workout Rocket Fuel – All in Pictures

Quinoa Power Bars & Bruce on Bike

I’m a lifelong cyclist and love rippin’ it on the road just about every day of the year to push my body, maintain my mind, and sustain a fully spirited, positive attitude. But like a rocket on a launchpad – and like any other cyclist/athlete – I can’t fly without fuel.

I recently came upon a recipe for rice cakes (nothing like the puck-shaped, crunchy variety you find on grocery shelves) put together by pro-cycling Team Sky nutritionist Nigel Mitchell to sustain top world-class athletes on long rides. Here’s a shot of Nigel’s rice cake recipe, which you can get along with a full article by clicking this link, and…

Nigel Mitchell's Team Sky Rice Cakes Recipe

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How to Cook Flavorful and Nutritionally Rich Quinoa – All in Pictures

Stove Cooked QuinoaQuinoa (pronounced “keen-wah”) is one of my favorite…seeds. Yah, right away, that’s one of the things that makes it stand out. Quinoa is not a member of the true grass family, like wheat, barley, rye and other grass grains. Instead, quinoa, which comes in white, red, and black color variations, is really a seed, and, specifically, it’s the seed of the goosefoot plant shown below.  Read more »

Brussels Sprouts Chips – Flavorful Alternative to Bagged Chips & All in Pictures

Brussels Sprouts ChipsBrussels sprouts chips are an excellent quick, flavorful, and much more nutritious alternative to commercially bagged chips.

Peeling Brussels Sprouts Leaves

The hardest part about making these great tasting chips – and it’s actually not hard at all; it just takes a little time – is peeling the sprout leaves as shown above. After that, it’s just add oil, broil & enjoy!

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Microwave Cooked Pistachio Pesto and Hummus Quesadilla – All in Pictures

Microwave Cooked Pistachio Pesto & Hummus QuesadillaFood usually comes to mind while I’m out on the bike. After a spectacularly colorful October ride, I came home to put together this recipe that combines the nutty flavors of pistachio pesto and hummus along with the fresh crunch of red bell pepper and creamy texture of avocado. Great stuff for a post-ride/workout meal or any lunch or dinner.

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How to Cook Dried Kidney Beans – All in Pictures

How to Cook Dried Kidney BeansBuying and cooking dried instead of canned kidney (or any) beans has two distinct advantages: dried beans are less expensive than canned beans, and, unlike canned beans – even those labeled “low salt/sodium”, dried beans are not at all processed with added salt or preservatives. Here’s an example of an ingredients label from a bag of dried kidney beans in my kitchen.

Dried Kidney Beans Ingredients Label Read more »

Microwave Beans Alfredo Fusion: Full-On Flavor and All in Pictures

Microwave Beans Alfredo Fusion I’m a big fusion fan! Here’s a fully flavorful, richly nutritious, and very easy to make recipe that came to mind while ripping it on a gorgeously colorful fall bike ride the other day that combines – or fuses – the Italian creamy Parmesan cheese flavor of a modified (less fat, lower calorie) Alfredo sauce with the richly flavorful and nutritious Latin American staples of kidney beans, cilantro, avocado, and tomato.

Here’s a picture of what you need to make a bowl of microwave cooked beans Alfredo fusion.

Microwave Beans Alfredo Fusion Ingredients Read more »

Sweet and Savory Fig, Plum, Onion & Lettuce Salad – All in Pictures

Sweet & Savory Fig, Plum, Onion & Lettuce SaladLike a richly balanced symphony of sound, the sweet and savory ingredients in this salad bring out the best in complimentary flavors. The sweetness of fruit enhances the savoriness of lettuce and onions, and the savory does the same to the sweet.

Here are the ingredients needed to make this sweet and savory salad. (NOTE: Figs and plums are seasonal fruits. Read more »

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