Whiskey Sour Tribute to Dear Ol’ Mom

My dear ol’ mom turned 90 August 6th. My mom’s been a lifelong mentor and strong inspiration to me. I’ve had the very fortunate pleasure more than a few times over the years she was an active doctor to catch a glimpse of her treating patients that came to her, usually with very tough diseases. Even as a young kid, I could see how she was always a person first and doctor second by the way she put her patients at ease and treated them as people, not cases. What a privilege to see that kind of real human compassion in action! Read more »

Fresh Daiquiri – Picture Book Recipe

London Summer Olympics – game on! Here’s a summer-cool refreshing bar drink to enjoy while you watch all the incredible athletes do what they do best. As a tribute to the games, this particular daiquiri recipe features Pusser’s British Navy Rum, which is rich with full-bodied cane rum flavor and goes great in my well loved US Navy Screaming Eagles Fighter Squadron 51 drink glass. Yah! Read more »

Crisp Corn Salad: Quick & Easy Picture Book Recipe

Here’s a refreshingly flavorful salad that’s a great way to combine the sweet crunch of summer-fresh corn with the snap of bell pepper and zest of onion, garlic, fresh cilantro and, of course, a good splash of one of my favorite ingredients: balsamic vinegar. Read more »

Alexandra Zissu’s THE CONSCIOUS KITCHEN shows how everyday food choices can change the world

 Click the photo above for a link to THE CONSCIOUS KITCHEN by Alexandra Zissu. I haven’t read the book yet, but have read the notes, watched a video and want to read it soon. Would love to hear your comments about it.

Coconut Use: Fad vs. Health


Click the photo above for a link to GET TO KNOW: Coconut by Sue Chef.

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