Quick & Easy Pie Crust Made From Scratch Step-By-Step Picture Book Recipe

What’s Thanksgiving without pie? You gotta’ have it!

Pie fillings are usually very easy. But what about the crust?

I used to think pie crust was too delicate and required being way too precise even to want to try to make it on my own. But last year I gave it a shot. My first crust turned out fine though it stuck like glue to the waxed paper as I rolled it out because I very purposefully blew off the part in the directions I used that mentioned refrigerating the dough before rolling it out. Read more »

Feed Your Passion to Travel: Personalized, Easy and FUN Help

I “met” Marie Cruickshank on LinkedIn through a group discussion about food. I’ve gotta’ say, that’s probably the coolest thing about the Internet: “meeting” people from all over the world – or even right around the corner at home – that I otherwise never would’ve known even existed. Yah, I put those two “meet” words above in quotes because I’ve never actually met Marie or most of the people I’ve been in touch with on the Internet. But Marie’s by far one of the most reliable people I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. Read more »

Dealing with Cycling Knee Pain…and Loving It!

For me, it’s all a big smile: cycling = physical + mental + emotional stability.

One morning this January, though, I woke up with my right knee feeling like I’d smashed it into a wall while I was sleeping. The only thing is, there’s no wall next to my bed. I kept riding. My knee got worse and even grew the half ping-pong ball sized bulge shown below right on my knee cap. Still, I blew it off until my dear ol’ retired doc mom said, “Just get it fixed”. I get blunt very well. Read more »

Is Your Work Killing You?

Yah, it’s a tough proposition. You gotta’ work to live. But is your work killing you? Here’s a link to a great illustrative article that lays it out as easily understandable as possible. Just click the image below for the full image driven article. Really great stuff!



Pasta with Full-On Flavorful But Lighter Alfredo Sauce – all in Pictures

What’s not to love about pasta, cheese and cream? Nothing, except for the lead gut feeling after pounding down the last forkful. You want to find the criminal? It’s the heavy cream traditionally called for to make the cheese sauce.

We can fix that. Easy. And with no sacrifice in flavor. All it takes is substituting heavy cream with evaporated milk. Heavy cream has 2 ½ times the calories and 5 times the fat asevaporated milk. Incredible difference really. And, I’ve found no cooking property or flavor difference, which makes the substitution easy to do. Read more »

Summer Fruit Salad: Quick & Easy Step-By-Step Picture Book Recipe



One of the best things about summer: ripe fresh fruit that explodes with sensational summer sweet flavor. Wow! Here’s a refreshingly cool salad that combines the crisp summer flavors of ripe peach, plum, cherries, blueberries and banana. The salad can be served either as is or with an optional light dressing, as pictured above, made simply with lime juice, plain yogurt and either coconut cream or your favorite jam. For complete, easy to follow step-by-step picture book directions, just click any picture on this page. Read more »

Whiskey Sour Tribute to Dear Ol’ Mom

My dear ol’ mom turned 90 August 6th. My mom’s been a lifelong mentor and strong inspiration to me. I’ve had the very fortunate pleasure more than a few times over the years she was an active doctor to catch a glimpse of her treating patients that came to her, usually with very tough diseases. Even as a young kid, I could see how she was always a person first and doctor second by the way she put her patients at ease and treated them as people, not cases. What a privilege to see that kind of real human compassion in action! Read more »

Fresh Daiquiri – Picture Book Recipe

London Summer Olympics – game on! Here’s a summer-cool refreshing bar drink to enjoy while you watch all the incredible athletes do what they do best. As a tribute to the games, this particular daiquiri recipe features Pusser’s British Navy Rum, which is rich with full-bodied cane rum flavor and goes great in my well loved US Navy Screaming Eagles Fighter Squadron 51 drink glass. Yah! Read more »

Crisp Corn Salad: Quick & Easy Picture Book Recipe

Here’s a refreshingly flavorful salad that’s a great way to combine the sweet crunch of summer-fresh corn with the snap of bell pepper and zest of onion, garlic, fresh cilantro and, of course, a good splash of one of my favorite ingredients: balsamic vinegar. Read more »

Alexandra Zissu’s THE CONSCIOUS KITCHEN shows how everyday food choices can change the world

 Click the photo above for a link to THE CONSCIOUS KITCHEN by Alexandra Zissu. I haven’t read the book yet, but have read the notes, watched a video and want to read it soon. Would love to hear your comments about it.

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