Whiskey and Ginger Ale – All in Pictures and More!

Whiskey & Ginger Ale

Here’s a really simple and flavorful drink to make that’s been a winter tradition in my family, especially with freshly roasted chestnuts. Great stuff! Funny thing: I posted the drink on The Good Men Project the other day, promoted it on Facebook this morning and right away got a comment from a friend that the drink is a “(d)escendent of the coo woo – America’s oldest cocktail, still served at the Wayside Inn in Sudbury: Ginger brandy and rum”. The Wayside is one of my favorite biking destinations – I just zipped by it yesterday. Gorgeous! Here’s a shot of the place, and…

Wayside Inn, Sudbury, MA

…yah, that’s where I’ll be early this evening after teaching skating not far away at all in Marlborough. More about that – with pictures – real soon!

Here’s all you need to make whiskey and ginger ale. As always, just click any picture for a complete step-by-step picture book recipe. Just a note on whiskey: I prefer Canadian blended whiskey for this – in our family, we call the drink “Canadian Club and ginger ale”, but any whiskey will work.

Needed to make Whiskey & Ginger Ale




Hot or Cold Cereal with Egg Nog – Quick, Easy and All in Pictures

Hot or Cold Cereal with Egg Nog

Happy New Year!

Wow, the holidays come and go so incredibly quickly. Here’s a great way to hold onto holiday flavor by substituting egg nog for milk with your favorite hot or cold cereal. Just click either picture on this page for a complete, easy to follow step-by-step picture book recipe.

Here’s a picture showing all you need to make it. Easy. And, yah, you’ll see a few more ingredients than just cereal and egg nog. Those added ingredients are just suggestions to give you an idea about how you can vary the flavor. As always, though, imagination is your only limit.

Hot or Cold Cereal with Egg Nog Ingredients & Equipment

Fresh Whipped Cream: Quick & Easy Step-By-Step Picture Book Recipe

What doesn’t go great with whipped cream? I have the measuring cup you’ll see in this recipe loaded and good to go in the refrigerator whenever I need it. Fresh whipped cream goes great in coffee, on pancakes, French toast or with fresh fruit – and it’s incredibly easy to make! Just click the picture above for a direct link to easy to follow step-by-step picture book directions.

Mind Food: Olga Serebrennikov and Math Altitude Take Thinking to New Heights

I commented to a fellow and very friendly Corridor Nine Chamber of Commerce member at a local food drive recently that downturned faces are everywhere. I see those sad, stress-etched faces in grocery store aisles, on sidewalks and in cars driving by on the road. My Chamber friend Karen smiled and agreed. Read more »

Turkey Leftovers? Turkey Nachos: Quick, Easy and All in Pictures

Got turkey leftovers? No problem! Just click any picture on this page for step-by-step picture book directions showing how to make turkey nachos quickly and easily. All it takes is your favorite corn (or any) chips, leftover turkey, canned beans (optional) and melted cheese topped with your choice or a combination of sliced avocado, chopped tomato, chopped onion, sour cream or plain yogurt and/or salsa. Read more »

Quick & Easy Pie Crust Made From Scratch Step-By-Step Picture Book Recipe

What’s Thanksgiving without pie? You gotta’ have it!

Pie fillings are usually very easy. But what about the crust?

I used to think pie crust was too delicate and required being way too precise even to want to try to make it on my own. But last year I gave it a shot. My first crust turned out fine though it stuck like glue to the waxed paper as I rolled it out because I very purposefully blew off the part in the directions I used that mentioned refrigerating the dough before rolling it out. Read more »

Feed Your Passion to Travel: Personalized, Easy and FUN Help

I “met” Marie Cruickshank on LinkedIn through a group discussion about food. I’ve gotta’ say, that’s probably the coolest thing about the Internet: “meeting” people from all over the world – or even right around the corner at home – that I otherwise never would’ve known even existed. Yah, I put those two “meet” words above in quotes because I’ve never actually met Marie or most of the people I’ve been in touch with on the Internet. But Marie’s by far one of the most reliable people I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. Read more »

Dealing with Cycling Knee Pain…and Loving It!

For me, it’s all a big smile: cycling = physical + mental + emotional stability.

One morning this January, though, I woke up with my right knee feeling like I’d smashed it into a wall while I was sleeping. The only thing is, there’s no wall next to my bed. I kept riding. My knee got worse and even grew the half ping-pong ball sized bulge shown below right on my knee cap. Still, I blew it off until my dear ol’ retired doc mom said, “Just get it fixed”. I get blunt very well. Read more »

Is Your Work Killing You?

Yah, it’s a tough proposition. You gotta’ work to live. But is your work killing you? Here’s a link to a great illustrative article that lays it out as easily understandable as possible. Just click the image below for the full image driven article. Really great stuff!



Pasta with Full-On Flavorful But Lighter Alfredo Sauce – all in Pictures

What’s not to love about pasta, cheese and cream? Nothing, except for the lead gut feeling after pounding down the last forkful. You want to find the criminal? It’s the heavy cream traditionally called for to make the cheese sauce.

We can fix that. Easy. And with no sacrifice in flavor. All it takes is substituting heavy cream with evaporated milk. Heavy cream has 2 ½ times the calories and 5 times the fat asevaporated milk. Incredible difference really. And, I’ve found no cooking property or flavor difference, which makes the substitution easy to do. Read more »

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