Nut Butter, Yogurt, Fresh Fruit and Dried Fruit Topping – All in Pictures

Last time, I showed how to make almond, quinoa and flaxseed pancakes, shown below, that are a great energy-sustaining alternative to sugar “spike and crash” traditional flapjack pancakes.

Here are the ingredients to make a 
nut butter, yogurt, fresh fruit and dried fruit topping that goes great on those pancakes – or any pancakes, French toast, or waffles – that’s both terrifically flavorful and provides sustained energy. As mentioned in the recipe, though I’m using almond butter (which I’ll show how to make fresh next), any nut butter will work. The same goes for the fresh fruit, dried fruit, and yogurt. It’s all about taste and imagination – and imagining that what you’re going to make is gonna’ taste great! 

Click the top picture or bottom two pictures on this page for a complete step-by-step nut butter, yogurt, fresh fruit and dried fruit topping picture book recipe and/or the second picture from the top for the almond, quinoa and flaxseed pancake picture book recipe. 



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