New Sweet & Savory Power Tuna Salad Video

Been out for some great cross country skis lately right around the corner from where I live. And when I come back in, I’m soaked wet from the inside out and good to go for something darn flavorful and nutritionally sound to take a bite out of hunger.

Recently, I posted a new step-by-step picture book recipe showing how to make Sweet and Savory Power Tuna Salad…

…that gets its “power” from substituting low-calorie but fresh flavor non-fat Greek yogurt for high-fat, high-calorie and not-so-fresh flavored mayonnaise. The sweet flavor in this tuna salad comes from fresh apple, dried cranberries and pickle relish, while the savory flavor comes from the tuna, Greek yogurt, mustard and sun dried tomatoes. All together, it’s an invigorating variation on tuna salad – with a great shot of “power up” nutrition.

Just click the video still shot below for a 2 1/2 minute step-by-step video that features sight, sound and text-over-video.


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