Microwave Cooked Quinoa Alfredo – Easy, Fast and Fully Flavorful

Not too long ago, I posted an updated step-by-step picture book recipe showing how to cook fantastically flavorful and nutritious quinoa (keen-wah) on the stove very easily (here’s a link to that post that includes quinoa’s nutritional information). Like rice and pasta, quinoa is incredibly versatile, but what appeals to me most about quinoa is its uniquely nutty flavor and snap and chew texture. Great!

Here’s one of my favorite fast and flavorful quinoa meals: microwave cooked quinoa alfredo, which, along with substituting pasta with quinoa also uses evaporated milk instead of heavy cream to make for a lighter cheese sauce without compromising flavor. Click either picture on this page for the complete, easy to follow step-by-step picture book recipe.



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