Living the Moment Pure Winter Magic

Cornflake size snowflakes in the Westborough rotary

Got home from the rink about 9:30 Saturday morning just as light snowflakes started to fall. “C’mon, man. Move!”, I told myself, sometimes quite out loud, while I changed into bike clothes in what seemed like slow motion.

But then I pushed out – “finally, ya’ big…” and the flakes were floating fat as cornflakes, which  “thwapped” my face, made me laugh, and turned the road to salty, sandy crunchy goo. Even though it was only 5 miles, it was one of the best “Star Wars” rides (flakes = flying stars) I’ve ever had, especially knowing I’d made the most of a window that closed just as I got home.

Then yesterday – Sunday – I  got out to Lake Chauncy with my cross country skis. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the place look so gorgeously fluffy white from the ground up to every snow-coated branch in the trees. The skis glided great. There were definite signs of foot traffic, some ski traffic, but also some places I got to cut a fresh ski trail. I love skiing Chauncy for the change in scenery along the way from lakeside views to tree covered passes, open field stretches, stream crossings, and more. But yesterday – and Saturday: pure living the moment winter magic!

Lake Chauncy cross country ski Sunday


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