Living Holiday Spirit

I don’t know if it’s just how fast time flies, repetition or over-commercialization, but I find myself referring to this time of year more and more as the “horror-days”.


And then something happens that, even though it’s become part of the routine this time of year, also grabs right through my ribs and breathes a warm, bright spark of in-the-moment life into my sometimes less-than-enthusiastic holiday spirit. That happened last night at the Westborough High School Winter Concert. All I had to do was walk in the auditorium, and already I could feel my spirit lift and lighten. And then the concert itself – almost two hours of  youthfully exuberant voices and  accomplished pure orchestral music – only added wings to let that spirit take off and fly. I sure didn’t resist – and even went back for the performance to the student body this morning. Great!


Thanks for your richly alive spirit, Ranger Music! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


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