Instant Hot Cereal From Cold Cereal Picture Book Recipe + Bicycles Battling Cancer

I’m an avid lifelong cyclist dedicated to improving cycling/running safety ( and enabling people to eat better ( All connected, engaging & fun!

I rode the Central Massachusetts Bicycles Battling Cancer ride last June in memory of my dear ‘ol pioneering radiation oncologist mom. Loved the ride! Riding again this June 10th and also helping organize the event, most specifically, by providing cycling friendly/life promoting fully flavorful, easy-to-make picture book recipes.

First recipe – super easy, comforting & entirely appropriate for any outdoor activity in the weather we’re dealing with now in the Northeast – Instant Hot Cereal From Cold Cereal. Click either the link here or the picture below for a complete, easy-to-use picture book recipe.

Next post within the next few days (will be traveling): How to Take Instant Hot Cereal From Simple to Exciting. (You bet: Click the picture below if you want that recipe right now.)

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