How to Ripen and Cut a Mango – All in Pictures

Cutting a mangoAs noted in the article below, mangoes are considered the most consumed fruit in the world – and for good reason. They’re full of tropical flavor and rich in nutrients and fiber. For details, including mango health benefits and recipe ideas, click the picture below for a link to an April 2014 Medical News Today article.

Medical News Today Mango ArticleThe only problem with mangos is that they usually come to market underripe: more green in skin color and rock-hard firm. Here’s an excerpt from picture book “How to Cut a Mango” directions you can get by clicking any picture on this page that show how to determine whether or not a mango is ripe.

Mango Ripeness Check

Here’s what you need to ripen and cut a fresh mango.

Needed to ripen and cut a mangoAgain, click the top or either of the bottom two pictures on this page for a direct link to complete step-by-step picture book directions.

How to Cut a Mango Picture Book Recipe pages

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