How to Remove and Store the Meat from a Turkey

ow to remove and store meat from a turkey

First, I hope you had a fun and relaxing Thanksgiving. Yah, I know for some of you that line’ll lay a good wry smile on your face. I had a good time stretched out on my toes in the traditional Thanksgiving family picture – and just managed stand with the tallest in the group. You bet, I’m smiling!

And now, just like after every Thanksgiving, it’s time to look forward to turkey leftovers – and, wow, I’ve already spent the past month putting together some leftovers that’ve been different, fun, and you bet – flavorful! More about that soon, though here’s a shot of a pre-ride breakfast I had just now made with stuffing, egg, cheese and milk that I microwave cooked and then topped with yogurt, fruit butter, apple, pineapple, dried fruit and fresh pumpkin pumped whipped cream.

All right, back to the bird. Click any picture on this page to see how to take a roasted turkey body from this…

…to this and then store that meat for use later.


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