How to Make a Warmly Comforting Vegetable Tian – All in Pictures

They say spring is on the way, but, wow, it’s been biting cold both in the morning and evening here in the Northeast. And, though there’s not a lot we can do about the temperature outside, we sure can do something in the kitchen to warm us from the inside out – all very easily.

As I mention in the TIPS section at the beginning of the step-by-step picture book recipe you can get by clicking this link or either picture on this page, the word “tian” that you see in the title above is Greek for “frying pan” and is both a shallow earthenware cooking pot and a fantastically flavorful dish made with the layered, thinly sliced vegetables, herbs, oil, and garlic you see in the ingredients picture below and then baked in that same tian pot. Long sentence? You bet. Great stuff? Try it!

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