Full-on Flavorful Variation on an Apple Pancake Theme

You have to fuel up before you can ride on. And, man, I dig that most excellent part of the cycling life!

Last week I brought the apple blueberry pancake above to my good buds at VOmax, who I’ve partnered with to put out the Breitz! bright, bold & cool to wear line of cycling and running wear like what you see below. Adding blueberries or any fruit, dried fruit – anything you like – to an apple pancake is an easy way to improvise on the root recipe you can get, all in pictures, by clicking any picture on this page.You bet, I’m a big fan of fresh fruit pancakes, but because a pancake the size you see above is too big to eat on my own, even over the course of days, I made a variation the day after my VOmax visit using half the pancake batter along with a full load of Italian plums, which I then had for breakfast the next few days topped with yogurt, kefir, dried fruit and honey as shown in the third picture below. Great stuff!

As I mention here a lot, recipes are only guides. Imagination is always your only limit, and using that imagination is at least half the fun of having at it in the kitchen!


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