Fresh Banana Cilantro Dressing Picture Book Recipe

fresh-banana-cilantro-dressingYep, you bet! Bananas and cilantro together in a dressing – and it goes great on salads, over cooked vegetables – any way you’d use any other dressing.

The hardest part of making this dressing is peeling the skins off fresh garlic cloves – always a pain, though crushing the cloves first by pressing them under the side of a wide-bladed (chef’s) knife as shown here…

crushing-garlic-sequence…sure makes the peeling a lot easier.

peeling-garlic-skinAfter that, it’s just throw the ingredients in a blender and spin it up.


Here’s what you need for ingredients.

fresh-banana-cilantro-dressing-ingredientsClick any picture on this page for a complete, brand new easy-to-use step by step-by-step picture book recipe.


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