Empowering Kids in the Kitchen: Microwave Cooked Grilled Cheese Tortilla

One morning years ago, my then 10-year old daughter wanted to make a sandwich to bring to school for lunch. The only problem: no bread.

No big deal. We dug through the fridge, found some sliced turkey, shredded cheese and a tortilla and turned that into a tortilla grilled cheese sandwich that she “grilled” extremely safely and quickly in the microwave oven.


As I’ve mentioned recently, there’s a new Gotta’ Eat, Can’t Cook kid-friendly step-by-step video and picture book ebook in the works. The microwave cooked grilled cheese tortilla recipe you can get in complete, easy to follow step-by-step picture book format by clicking this link will be one of the recipes in the electronic-only available (and very kid-cool) book.



But more than just providing recipes from my end, the book is really about connecting with you to find out what you – and your kids – really want and need. Just as the Dorm Room Food book that recently became available is intended to start a conversation with college students about what they want and need to survive in their dorm rooms with bare minimum ingredients and equipment, the new kid-friendly book is intended to start a similar conversation about what you – and your kids – want to help your kids and others become empowered in the kitchen.

It’s easy to do. If there’s particular food you like to see in step-by-step picture book and video format, just let me know by emailing me directly: bruce@gotta-eat.com. You’ll hear back from me no matter what. And if what you want is both practical and can be put together kid-safely, I’ll figure it out, shoot it and put it in the book.

It’s all about participating and contributing to help others – and ourselves – as practically, economically – and flavorfully – as possible.

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