Cycling: Winter Ride Fueled By Holiday Flavor

I tell people with a good smile, “Weather’s a state of mind – just be prepared”. Gotta’ say that line went from smile to laugh when I got out to a frozen car to get my son to school before dawn this morning and then came home to see this online.

And though it’s not expected to warm a whole lot today, the sky’s blue, the roads are dry, and I’m getting out for a ride – no problem.

But first, fuel. Here’s what I had this morning that gave my pre-ride breakfast a fantastically flavorful holiday flair. I first put a piece of Christmas Stollen (German fruit bread) in a bowl, soaked it with a good shot of soy nog, added a fat tablespoon of nut butter (homemade – easy & great flavor) and then…

…topped it all off with a couple spoons of cranberry/pineapple sauce freshly made the other day.

That all then went into the microwave oven to warm for about 40 seconds and then got finished off with some plain yogurt and dried fruit that went well…

…with rich blast of hot coffee and whipped cream.

German Stollen, soy nog, nut butter, yogurt & fruit with coffee & whipped cream

Now that I’m fueled, I’ve just gotta’ dress right, and I’ll be better than fine.

Winter ride on!

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