Cycling: Winter Pre-Ride Holiday Flavored Breakfast with a Kiwi Twist

You bet it’s gonna’ stay darn cold here in the Northeast with a good shot of snow expected this weekend from winter storm Electra. My heart’s already racing about the probability of doing some cross training on cross country skis. But until then, there’s still clear weather to get on the bike to see things like this.

New England Winter Riding Early December 2013

Gorgeous! The key to making it work is dressing and eating right.


Dressing & Eating Right for Winter Rides


Here’s what I had this morning, which was all just a quick variation on the pre-ride Christmas Stollen, soy nog, nut butter, yogurt and cranberry/pineapple topping I had and wrote about yesterday. All I did was cut back on the cranberry/pineapple topping (I was almost finished with the jar anyway) and replace it with some freshly cut kiwi and chopped dates.

German Stollen, Soy Nog, Nut Butter, Yogurt, Chopped Kiwi and Dried Fruit

Easy, flavorful, and exactly what I’ll need to get out on the road right now!

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