Cycling: Chocolate Pumped “Star Wars” Ride Fuel

Wnter Storm Electra and road just before the snowI don’t know how you feel when there’s a big snow storm expected, but for me, my mind flips a switch, my heart rate goes up in eager anticipation, and one of my favorite things to do is to get out on the bike and try to time it just right headed for home just as the snowflakes start flying.  I call it a “Star Wars” ride because the flakes I see through my cycling glasses  look like stars shooting past by Luke Skywalker’s x-wing fighter cockpit window. No-kidding, as soon as that happens, I can hear John Williams and his whole orchestra in my mind belt out the main title Stars Wars symphony. Talk about a big smile!


Saturday worked out great. Snow from winter storm Electra just started to fall while I was halfway out on my ride. But before getting out on the road, I first had to fuel up with a good combination of complex carbohydrates to light the fuse and protein to keep that energy sustained. At the same time – hey, it’s holiday season – I also had a very kid-like hunger for chocolate. So, I combined chocolate with microwave power cereal to come up with Chocolate Pumped Microwave Power Cereal. Specifically, I used a whole grain chocolate and almond cereal with egg, nut butter, some cookie spread, yogurt, cut fresh kiwi, some dried cranberries and, of course, a good shot chocolate chips. Yah, with green kiwis and red dried cranberries sitting on a creamy, white blanket of yogurt, even the look of the finished chocolaty power cereal had a very appropriate holiday feel. And, wow, did it power me for an exciting, energizing and very much smile inducing “Star Wars” ride!


Click any picture on this page for a complete step-by-step picture book recipe.


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