Crepes Made Easy Picture Book Recipe

Froome Takes Yellow & Crepes Made Easy

How ’bout celebrating the well underway, rippin’ fast 103rd Tour de France with fantastically flavorful fresh crepes, which are no-kidding just as easy to make but much more versatile than plain flapjack pancakes?

Here are the ingredients you need.

Crepes Made Easy ingredientsHere are a couple of my favorite ways to use ’em: on the sweet side – with nut butter, yogurt, fresh fruit, dried fruit, whipped cream (absolutely necessary), and cereal or…

Crepes with nut butter, yogurt, fresh fruit & dried fruit…on the savory side – wrapped around a good chunk of cheese and topped with either fresh or quickly cooked vegetables.

Crepes with leftover meat and vegetablesClick any picture on this page for a complete, very easy to use step-by-step picture book Crepes Made Easy recipe.

Crepes Made Easy Picture Book Recipe

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