Chocolate Laced Flu Relief

I know there’s no such medicine labeled “chocolate laced flu relief”. I do know, though, that this year’s version of the flu very effectively faked left and went right around the flu shot I got this fall and totally zapped my drive for physical activity and interest in food. Ow!

On the bright side, that lost drive and interest made it a lot easier for me to be good Bruce and stay inside holed up while I recovered. Yah, my fingernails almost curled backwards writing that. And, though food wasn’t much on my mind, I found just a taste of relief in very easy to make chocolate laced coffee. All I did was add and mix a spoonful of cocoa powder with my usual dose of freshly ground coffee in my coffee maker and…

…add a good shot of whipped cream and ground cinnamon when it was all brewed. Great stuff – and something to look even more forward to with a healthy appetite that’s already starting to bounce back!




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