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Full-on Flavorful Variation on an Apple Pancake Theme

You have to fuel up before you can ride on. And, man, I dig that most excellent part of the cycling life!

Last week I brought the apple blueberry pancake above to my good buds at VOmax, who I’ve partnered with to put out the Breitz! bright, bold & cool to wear line of cycling and running wear like what you see below. Adding blueberries or any fruit, dried fruit – anything you like – to an apple pancake is an easy way to improvise on the root recipe you can get, all in pictures, by clicking any picture on this page. Read more »

Crepes Made Easy Picture Book Recipe

Froome Takes Yellow & Crepes Made Easy

How ’bout celebrating the well underway, rippin’ fast 103rd Tour de France with fantastically flavorful fresh crepes, which are no-kidding just as easy to make but much more versatile than plain flapjack pancakes?

Here are the ingredients you need.

Crepes Made Easy ingredients Read more »

Banana Flax Pancakes – Fully Flavorful, Easy to Make & All in Pictures

Banana Flax PancakesThe hardest part of making these full-on flavorful banana flax pancakes – and it’s not that hard to do at all – is flipping them in the pan because there is no fat or oil added to the batter. I, therefore, recommend using a sturdy spatula like the metal-bladed spatula shown here as well as…

Sturdy Spatula

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Fresh Apple Pancake: Flapjack Alternative – All in Pictures

Fresh Apple Pancake

Nothing much better to wake up to than the smell of apples cooking quickly topped with a good shake of ground cinnamon, especially when there’s color in the trees – or snow on the ground.

The hardest part about making this fresh and flavorful apple pancake – that’s nothing like a syrup soaking, sugar high and crash inducing flapjack – is turning it over from fruit-side up to fruit-side down so that the fruit side of pancake can cook in the pan and then turning the pancake back to fruit-side up to serve on a plate. But, no problem. The step-by-step directions you can get by clicking any picture on this page show how to make those turns as easily and safely as possible using either a pan top (as shown below) or large plate.

Flipping Fresh Apple Pancake

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Cherry Pancake with Nut Butter and Fruit – All in Pictures

Cherry Pancake with Topping & TDF Stage 11

Tony Gallopin crunched a mountain climbing first French win of the Tour de France on stage 11 from Besancon to Oyonnax while American Andrew Telansky courageously braved finishing the stage despite injuries from earlier crashes that put him far behind the field.

On the food side of life, sure, you can have fresh cherry pancake just the way it is. It has fruit, protein and complex carbohydrates all fantastically flavorfully packaged together. What you see here is just an example of an easy way to take that cherry pancake from simple to exciting by adding a shot of nut butter, laying down some fresh fruit, and topping it all off with a spoon of yogurt and, of course, fresh whipped cream.

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Cherry Pancake on Top of a Tour Rest Day – All in Pictures

Stage 10 win & cherry pancakeAnother gutsy come-from-behind win by Team Astana’s Vincenzo Nibali on stage 10 from Mulhouse to the top of La Planche des Belles Filles in the Vosges mountains. And, though the sun did come out after another incredibly wet day, the road and the weather took another leading contender, Alberto Contador, out of the race.

It’s a rude understatement to say the men of the Tour deserve a day’s rest. Here’s a cherry pancake to make that rest sweeter – or to add fantastically flavorful variety to your breakfast.

Cherry Pancake

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Bastille Day Mis-Fire-Works – And Living to Tell About It

Bastille Day - Day 10 of Tour de France

Here’s what a picture-perfect start to stage 10 of the Tour de France on Bastille Day – complete even with some kinda’ “smoke’s on!” fireworks on the side of the road – and a very fresh and flavorful breakfast looked like this morning.

Tour Stage 10 Start Read more »

Blue Sky Pre-Ride Breakfast of Champions – All in Pictures

Bowl Pancake, Fresh Coffee & Freshly Made Whipped Cream Pre-Ride BreakfastFirst, Happy Father’s Day!

Second, this breakfast works great any day, but especially on a day like we’re having today in the Northeast with clear blue skies, cool temps, dry air and a pretty good breeze. Just great to get out and rip it up on the bike, which I’m gonna’ do right now with a good friend who hasn’t been out on a bike for quite some time. Gonna’ be fun! Read more »

Microwave Cooked Coconut Bowl Pancake – All in Pictures

Microwave Cooked Coconut Bowl Pancake

Yeah, there really is a microwave cooked coconut bowl pancake under all that terrifically fresh and flavorful topping. The segmented picture below outlines how it goes together.

Microwave Cooked Coconut Bowl Pancake title

Here’s what you need to make this pancake, which is a very easy to make variation on the microwave cooked bowl pancake that substitutes packaged pancake flour and cereal with high-protein coconut flour, shredded coconut and ground flaxseed for outstanding flavor and long-lasting energy.

Needed to Make a Microwave Coconut Bowl Pancake

Click any picture on this page for a complete, colorful and easy to use step-by-step picture book recipe. Next post: I’ll show an easy and, you bet, flavorful variation on this pancake.

Microwave Cooked Coconut Bowl Pancake Recipe Pages


Microwave Cooked Bowl Pancake – All in Pictures

Microwave Bowl Pancake

Gorgeous weather here in the Northeast! Legs are screamin’ at me to get out on the bike – I’ll obey ‘soon as I fire this off!

Here’s what I had yesterday morning to power me through putting together the step-by-step picture book recipe you can get here and a 35+ mile bike ride later in the afternoon (admittedly, after a nut butter and toast snack shortly before hitting the road).

Microwave Cooked Bowl PancakeThe great things about a bowl pancake:

  1. Fantastic flavor that can be altered easily to suit your individual taste.
  2. Speed.
  3. Ease – you use the same bowl to mix, cook and eat the pancake, which makes both prep and cleanup as fast and easy as possible.

Here’s what you need to make a microwave cooked bowl pancake.

Needed to Make a Microwave Bowl PancakeClick any picture on this page for a complete, easy to follow step-by-step picture book recipe.

Microwave Cooked Bowl Pancake Picture Book Recipe pages

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