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Syria: A Terrific Moment for International Relevancy

Click for link to Sept. 10th NY Times article on possible brokered Syrian settlement

Abraham Lincoln said it clearly only 150 years ago: “With public sentiment, nothing can fail. Without it, nothing can succeed.” That line has held true through history, and it sure applies to what we as a unified world choose to do about Syria – and our future.

Just look at what’s happened since the Syrians used chemical weapons on their own people on August 21st. International outrage continues to rise while opposition to a retaliatory strike has become nearly unanimous. Even here in the US, where the thought of going it alone is still on the table, the world’s public sentiment is echoed loudly by congressional support that diminishes by the day and public opinion that is in the distinct minority.   Read more »

No on Syrian Strike: Norms and Consequences

We should not strike Syria in response for their use of chemical weapons on their own people for two reasons: norms are not laws and consequences were never identified before the weapons were used.

First, President Obama was very careful to say that Syria violated international “norms”, not international law, Read more »

Is Your Work Killing You?

Yah, it’s a tough proposition. You gotta’ work to live. But is your work killing you? Here’s a link to a great illustrative article that lays it out as easily understandable as possible. Just click the image below for the full image driven article. Really great stuff!



Alexandra Zissu’s THE CONSCIOUS KITCHEN shows how everyday food choices can change the world

 Click the photo above for a link to THE CONSCIOUS KITCHEN by Alexandra Zissu. I haven’t read the book yet, but have read the notes, watched a video and want to read it soon. Would love to hear your comments about it.

Coconut Use: Fad vs. Health


Click the photo above for a link to GET TO KNOW: Coconut by Sue Chef.

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