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Kid-Friendly Power Cinnamon Toast – All in Pictures

Kid-Friendly Power Cinnamon Toast

This plain or power cinnamon toast step-by-step picture book is a great, very easy way to help empower kids in the kitchen and keep them powered up for a good sustained energy burn.

Here’s all it takes to put it together – and, as always, there are just suggested ingredients. Let your – and your kids’s – imaginations run.

Kid-Friendly Power Cinnamon Toast Ingredients Read more »

Kid-Friendly Grapes and Banana with Yogurt and Jam – All in Pictures

Grapes & Banana with Yogurt & JamKids are out of school for the summer, and they’ll be hungry. Great time to help them help themselves in the kitchen with a fast, fresh and flavorful breakfast or snack recipe they can make safely on their own.

The key to kid-safety is that this recipe doesn’t require the use of knife. The grapes can be eaten whole, and the banana can be broken into smaller pieces by hand as shown below.

Breaking banana sections by hand Read more »

Empowering Kids in the Kitchen: Microwave Cooked Grilled Cheese Tortilla

One morning years ago, my then 10-year old daughter wanted to make a sandwich to bring to school for lunch. The only problem: no bread.

No big deal. We dug through the fridge, found some sliced turkey, shredded cheese and a tortilla and turned that into a Read more »

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