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Fresh and Quick Iced Tea – All in Pictures

Fresh & Quick Iced Tea

All right! The temperature’s finally changing from cool to warm, so how ‘bout we take tea from hot to cold as easily as possible. What you’ll see here is the fastest and easiest way I know to make fresh and flavorful iced tea. The key is warming the water only enough to get the tea bags to steep effectively and then getting the tea in the refrigerator to cool as quickly as possible.

Just click any picture on this page for complete, easy to follow step-by-step picture book directions. Read more »

Fast & Easy Hot Chocolate From Scratch in the Microwave Oven – All in Pictures

Microwave Cooked Fresh Hot Chocolate

There’s nothing much better than waking up or coming in from the cold to a fresh cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day. By “fresh”, I’m talking about using only real ingredients: cocoa powder, sugar, vanilla extract, maybe a dash of salt and milk. That’s it: pure, honest and clean – and far fewer and much easier to pronounce ingredients than those found in a container or packet of instant hot chocolate powder that’s intended to be mixed with hot water. Read more »

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