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Love BIG Coffee! – with Picture Book Directions

Just back from terrifically interesting, very fun HUGE Eurobike 2017  bike show in Friedrichshafen, Germany (show link has already been updated for 2018). More about this year’s show – with food – soon.

But first: don’t know about you, but I dig big coffee BIG time, but this is the biggest coffee I could get in Germany. Read more »

Fresh Whipped Cream – Everyday and All in Pictures

Stage 8 win & Fresh Whipped Cream

The skies over the Tour have been whipped with rain. Here’s a much more flavorful cloud: fresh whipped cream – nothing better…and darn easy to make! Definitely going in my coffee as I watch stage 8 of the Tour after a quick ride on my own.

Coffee with Fresh Whipped Cream Read more »

Waking Up to Freshly Brewed Coffee: Made Easy and All in Pictures

Freshly Brewed CoffeeYou know those days when things just don’t go right, and the harder you try, the louder the voice in your head screams, “C’mon, man. Wake up and smell the coffee!” Yesterday was one of those days for me – OW! –  but instead of raging about it, I took that voice’s advice and laid down a new much more colorful version of Freshly Brewed Coffee Made Easy.

Already I feel better. And I’ve chugged enough freshly made brew along with a coconut bowl pancake to fuel me for an excellent rip on the bike as soon as I get this off.

Freshly brewed coffee and coconut bowl pancake

Like I mentioned in the picture book recipe you can get by clicking any picture on this page, the key to a good cup of coffee is nailing the right ratio  of cold water to ground coffee. Sounds easy enough. The only problem is that coffee makers are not calibrated to a standard “cup” size, and those cups are not the standard “1 cup = 8 ounces”. The way to deal with that is to use a measuring cup to to measure 12 ounces of water. Then pour that water either into the coffee maker reservoir or carafe with “cup” markings on it to see exactly how many cups your coffee machine makes with those 12 ounces of water. As shown in the pictures here, my coffee machine makes 3 cups of water with 12 ounces of water.

Calibrating Coffee CupsHere’s what you need to make coffee using a coffee maker.

Needed to make freshly brewed coffeeAgain, just click any picture on this page for a complete, newly revised, and very easy to use step-by-step picture book recipe.

Freshly Brewed Coffee Step-By-Step Picture Book Recipe pages

Fresh and Quick Iced Tea – All in Pictures

Fresh & Quick Iced Tea

All right! The temperature’s finally changing from cool to warm, so how ‘bout we take tea from hot to cold as easily as possible. What you’ll see here is the fastest and easiest way I know to make fresh and flavorful iced tea. The key is warming the water only enough to get the tea bags to steep effectively and then getting the tea in the refrigerator to cool as quickly as possible.

Just click any picture on this page for complete, easy to follow step-by-step picture book directions. Read more »

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