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Fresh and Easy Apple Pie Picture Book Recipe

fresh-and-easy-apple-pieAll right! My favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, is just around the corner. Friends, family, great flavors, terrific smells – and for some, a 4-day holiday!

The fresh and easy apple pie you see here goes great for dessert anytime, but particularly for Thanksgiving.

Here’s all you need to make this pie. I put the pie crust in a separate insert picture because the recipe itseslf doesn’t show how to make a pie crust, though there is a link to an easy recipe showing how to make the crust shown in that insert.


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Picture Book Recipe Shows How to Take Banana Ice Cream From Simple to Exciting!


Last post showed how to make very quick & easy – and fully flavorful – simple banana ice cream made with only bananas, vanilla extract and ground cinnamon. This recipe takes that banana ice cream from simple to exciting by adding fresh mango, coconut flakes, raisins – and even rum-soaked raisins (they go GREAT with this!). Of course, like any recipe you see here, the added ingredients I just mentioned, though they work terrifically well together, are just suggestions. You can substitute mango with pineapple, blueberries, or strawberries. You can use any kind of dried fruit and add chocolate chips or chocolate powder – and much more. So, use your imagination to make your full-on banana ice cream the way you want to suit your taste and dietary needs.

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Banana Ice Cream Picture Book Recipe

Banana Ice CreamAs shown in the picture below, this fully flavorful banana ice cream recipe (made with no cream at all) uses only 3 ingredients – all of them anti-inflammatory: bananas (4 frozen bananas and 1 room temperature banana), vanilla extract, and ground cinnamon.
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Easy to Make Apple Pumpkin Pie – All in Pictures


Apple Pumpking PieLast post showed how to make a richly flavorful, nutty textured nut, quinoa, and flaxseed pie crust. Here’s how to make a pie using that crust – or any favorite crust you like – that fuses the terrifically robust flavors of apple pie and pumpkin pie (that even fully qualifies as a vegan dessert).

Here are the ingredients needed to make an apple pumpkin pie.

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How to Make a Hearty Nut, Quinoa & Flaxseed Pie Crust – All in Pictures

Nut, Quinoa & Flaxseed Pie CrustWant a pie crust that stands on its own with full-on hearty flavor and nutty texture? Then try this very easy to make nut, quinoa, and flaxseed pie crust.

Here are the ingredients you need.

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Quick and Easy Pie Crust From Scratch – All in Pictures

Quick and Easy Pie CrustLast post showed how to make a Thanksgiving dinner standard: fresh sweet and sour fully flavorful cranberry sauce quickly, easily, and in advance. Here’s another recipe that can be made in advance: quick and easy pie crust from scratch that in no way is just a flavorless shell for a much more flavorful filling. Not at all! Read more »

Rice Pudding Full-On! – All in Pictures

Rice Pudding Full-OnDidn’t see stage 15 of the Tour live yesterday, though I’m watching a replay now. No shame – not a drop. I was on the road yesterday morning laying down a very fun, gorgeously cool (for July) 25 mile ride on the Nashua River Trail in North Central Massachusetts with a darn good friend who’s recently gotten back to biking – and absolutely loves it! Terrific!

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Tour de France Rice Pudding – All in Pictures

Tour de France mountains & rice puddingStage 14 of the Tour de France was another brutal assault up the Alps from Grenoble to Risoul. Now, where the men rode wasn’t quite like the upper left picture, but then again, it wasn’t far from it.

On the food side of life, I got a real thrill hearing recently retired Tour racer and now NBCSN announcer Christian Vande Velde talk yesterday about a typical Tour cyclist’s daily course of meals. One thing that caught my ear was his – and I’m sure other racer’s – particular love for rice pudding as a healthy dessert. All right!

Though I’m a fan, I’d never before made rice pudding myself. So, I checked out some recipes, figured out my own way – and laid it down in picture book format.

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Revised Fresh Whipped Cream Picture Book Recipe

Fresh Whipped Cream

Whoa! A couple days ago I tasted a spoonful of whipped cream I’d made earlier in the week and couldn’t believe how salty it tasted though I sure could almost hear my mom’s voice in my head: “Skip the salt, sonny. You don’t need it.” Right on! Read more »

Pie Crust: Rolled vs. Pressed

I’m fairly new to making pies but have already learned a lot regarding flavor and efficiency. Most importantly, I’ve learned NEVER to make a pie crust that’s just a bland container for a flavorful filling. No way! Here’s a picture of a crust I made recently loaded ground almond, chocolate multigrain cereal, dried cranberries, chocolate chips, shredded coconut and much more. I’ll put together a picture book recipe soon – after Thanksgiving.

I also learned very recently, after my daughter asked if we could try it, that pressing pie crust dough into a pie pan is so much easier than rolling out the dough like this:

Here’s how I do it now – much easier:

For more practical Thanksgiving help, check out the Gotta’ Eat, Can’t Cook Thanksgiving Help Page by clicking any picture on this page.

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