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Bicycles Battling Cancer Fuel: Rice with Nut Butter and Fruit in Pictures

Last post showed how to cook rice – great sports fuel. Here’s what I made with cooked rice yesterday afternoon to power a 28 mile ride on a hot, windy day (to train for Bicycles Battling Cancer June 11 – link here is to my fundraising page). Read more »

How to Cook Rice Picture Book Directions

Rice is terrific cycling, running, or any sports fuel that goes with just about anything. I always make enough to have plenty of leftovers that then allow me to make very much immediate meals. The only down side is that, depending on the type of rice and how much it’s been processed, rice requires about 25 minutes to an hour to absorb water as it cooks on the stove.

Now, how ’bout the difference between brown rice and white rice? Easy. Although the cooking method is identical, brown rice is not milled, which means its bran, or fiber-rich outer coating, and germ, or nutrient-rich embryo of the rice grain, haven’t been removed. White rice is milled, meaning its bran and germ have been removed. Brown rice is therefore more chewy, has a more nutty flavor and has more nutrient and fiber content. The reason bran and germ are removed is to increase rice shelf life. That’s it.

Here’s what you need to cook rice on the stove. As always, click any picture on this page for a complete, easy to follow step-by-step picture book recipe. More tomorrow.

Grafton-Mendon Ride and Post-Ride Lunch

Grafton-Mendon Ride ShotsThe pre-ride breakfast I posted here yesterday (below) kept me going no problem for a big smile 48.7 mile ride with good biking bud, Ken, out through Grafton and Mendon.

Pre-Grafton-Mendon Ride Breakfast

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Pre-Rip Up the Road Balanced Breakfast

Pre-Ride Breakfast

Got a great looking morning with dry air and bright sun shining through the window.

Great biking day through the window

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Cherry Pancake on Top of a Tour Rest Day – All in Pictures

Stage 10 win & cherry pancakeAnother gutsy come-from-behind win by Team Astana’s Vincenzo Nibali on stage 10 from Mulhouse to the top of La Planche des Belles Filles in the Vosges mountains. And, though the sun did come out after another incredibly wet day, the road and the weather took another leading contender, Alberto Contador, out of the race.

It’s a rude understatement to say the men of the Tour deserve a day’s rest. Here’s a cherry pancake to make that rest sweeter – or to add fantastically flavorful variety to your breakfast.

Cherry Pancake

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Bastille Day Mis-Fire-Works – And Living to Tell About It

Bastille Day - Day 10 of Tour de France

Here’s what a picture-perfect start to stage 10 of the Tour de France on Bastille Day – complete even with some kinda’ “smoke’s on!” fireworks on the side of the road – and a very fresh and flavorful breakfast looked like this morning.

Tour Stage 10 Start Read more »

Wake Up to the Tour with Pan Cooked French Toast and a Choice of Toppings – All in Pictures

Tour & French Toast

The Tour on TV and the smell of butter, eggs, bread, and a good shot of ground cinnamon cooking in the frying pan! Click either the picture above or directly below for a complete, easy to follow step-by-step picture book recipe.

As for toppings, sure, you can use traditional maple syrup.

French Toast & Maple SyrupBut just click any of the pictures below for picture book recipes that show how to put together very easy and terrifically flavorful alternative toppings. As always, what you see in those recipes works fine but is just intended to fire up your imagination. Try something different and make it all yours!

French Toast with Yogurt, Jam & Fresh Fruit French Toast with Nut Butter & Jam

French Toast with a Savory Topping



Pre-Ride Low Sugar, High Protein Breakfast

Pre-Ride Breakfast 5-15-14

What’s not to be charged about? Spring weather’s finally really here. Everyday I’m on the bike I see more green sprouting, more wildlife in fields and in the air, and even some wild things like the Grafton Upton Train cutting across Old Upton Road in Grafton. Cool!

Grafton Upton Train Read more »

French Toast with a Savory Topping – All in Pictures

French Toast with a Savory ToppingYah, I know, ‘sounds weird at first – but then, wow, French toast with a savory topping? You’ll own it, especially for lunch or even dinner.

Here’s all you need for ingredients, all of which look GREAT!

French Toast with a Savory Topping IngredientsJust click any picture on this page for a freshly revised, complete step-by-step picture book recipe.

French Toast with a Savory Topping Picture Book Recipe Pages

Snow Changing Perspective

Chauncy Rain 1-27-14It’s about perspective. Sometimes you don’t get what you want, but what you do get turns out even better – if you give it a chance.

I remember the weather guess about a week and half ago calling for just enough snow to make driving – and cycling – a problem for that Saturday and Sunday. The cycling part bothered me. I’d been just a hair ahead of pace to meet an aggressive personal mile goal this year that runs April to April but was starting to lose ground due to weather and a stretch with the flu (yah, even with a flu shot) that kept me off the road in December. Read more »

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