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Warm Apple & Papaya Fruit Topping – All in Pictures

Warm Apple & Papaya Fruit ToppingThis fresh and very quickly cooked apple and papaya fruit topping goes great either warm right out of the pan or chilled on hot or cold cereal, waffles, pancakes, French toast, yogurt, or ice cream.

But what if apples or papaya aren’t available – or you don’t like either of them? No problem. Instead of apple, you can use pear or any other fruit, though the picture book instructions you can get here for this recipe showing how to prepare apples for cooking apply identically to pears. You can also substitute papaya with pineapple, mango, or even banana, or really any other fresh fruit that’s available that you like. As always, imagination and taste are your only limits.

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Banana Flax Pancakes – Fully Flavorful, Easy to Make & All in Pictures

Banana Flax PancakesThe hardest part of making these full-on flavorful banana flax pancakes – and it’s not that hard to do at all – is flipping them in the pan because there is no fat or oil added to the batter. I, therefore, recommend using a sturdy spatula like the metal-bladed spatula shown here as well as…

Sturdy Spatula

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Pumpkin Pumped Whipped Cream – All in Pictures

Pumpkin Pumped Whipped CreamI started making pumpkin pumped fresh whipped cream last year by substituting some of the sugar used to make fresh whipped cream with Trader Joe’s pumpkin butter. Now, if you can’t get pumpkin butter, you can use pumpkin pie spice and the equivalent amount of apple butter, which usually readily available. Here’s a shot of the ingredients you need.

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Microwave Cooked Omelet YOUR Way – All in Pictures

MW Cooked Omelet S2EIt’s all about taste – YOUR taste – and ease…and speed…and not having to clean more than one dish (a microwave safe plate) when it’s all over. Though the ingredients shown below work and taste great together, use the step-by-step picture book recipe you can get by clicking any picture on this page as a guide to help you make a microwave cooked omelet your way.

MW Cooked Omelet S2E ingredients

Incredibly Easy Microwave Cooked Omelet – In Pictures and Video

Microwave Cooked Omelet

Last post showed how to make a quick, easy, and fully flavorful stove cooked omelet. Here’s how to make a simple omelet even quicker and easier using the microwave oven, which is a great way to go if you’re on the fly because you can mix, cook, and eat the omelet right on the same plate, which greatly reduces both preparation and cleanup time.

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Stove Cooked Omelet – Quick, Easy, and All in Pictures

Quick & Easy Stove Cooked Omelet

Last post talked about why eggs don’t deserve the bad reputation they’ve had for quite a while. Right now, here’s a heart-of-the-envelope egg recipe, a simple stove cooked omelet, that’s both fully flavorful and incredibly quick and easy to make.

Here are the ingredients needed to make a simple stove cooked omelet.

Quick & Easy Stove Cooked Omelet IngredientsHere’s what you need for equipment.

Quick & Easy Stove Cooked Omelet Equipment

Click any picture on this page for a colorful and easy to follow step-by-step picture book recipe that includes a link to a short step-by-step video.

Quick & Easy Stove Cooked Omelet Picture Book Recipe

Kid-Safe To Make Father’s Day Fresh Berries, Yogurt, Jam & Whipped Cream – All In Pictures

Fresh Berries, Yogurt, Jam & Whipped CreamHere’s a fully flavorful, completely kid-safe to make recipe kids can put together quickly and easily for Father’s Day – or anytime at all.

All you need are the following ingredients – that don’t require any cutting with a knife – and…

Fresh Berries, Yogurt, Jam & Whipped Cream Ingredients

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Kid-Friendly Grapes and Banana with Yogurt and Jam – All in Pictures

Grapes & Banana with Yogurt & JamLast post was about why bananas are GREAT food. This post shows how to put bananas to use with a quick & easy grapes & banana with yogurt and jam recipe that’s fresh, fully flavorful, and kid-safe to make.

The key to kid-safety is that this recipe doesn’t require the use of knife. The grapes can be eaten whole, and the banana can be broken into smaller pieces and sections by hand as shown in the two side-by-side pictures below.

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How to Take Microwave Cooked Oatmeal From Simple to Exciting – All in Pictures

Microwave Cooked Oatmeal From Simple to ExcitingHere’s how to vary the flavor of microwave cooked oatmeal using commonly found ingredients. First, though, a couple quick points:

1. Flavors and tastes are exceptionally personal. The ingredients you see below work great together – for me, but my taste is not your taste. For example, you’ll see in the picture below that I use plain nonfat Greek yogurt, which I love for its flavor, thick texture, and high protein content. You, however, might not like Greek yogurt – or any yogurt at all for that matter – and that’s ok. Skip it, replace it with something else – and do the same for any other ingredient you see below to make your simple to exciting oatmeal all yours. Read more »

Microwave Cooked Oatmeal – Flavor, Nutrition & All in Pictures

Microwave Cooked OatmealLast post showed how to make flavorful, energy-sustaining microwave cooked power cereal to give you a warm, full-powered start to these exceptionally cold days we’ve been experiencing. Considering those temperatures aren’t expected to change much in the foreseeable future, here’s something else to look forward to as you climb out of bed in the morning and hit that cold floor running that’s flavorful, richly nutritious, and easy to make – microwave cooked oatmeal.

Here’s what you’ll need to put together a simple version of microwave cooked oatmeal. Next post, I’ll show how to take what you see here from simple to exciting!

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