Banner Day for Westborough Bike Trail Support

Don Burn discusses BWALT trail progress with Westborough Planning Board

Yesterday was a banner day for the Westborough BPAC (Bike and Pedestrian Advisory Committee) with:

  • a morning presentation to and approval of the Westborough Economic Development Committee to support the development of a proposed non-motorized multi-use trail along the old – and still somewhat intact – Boston to Worcester Air Line Trolley (BWALT) rail track bed
  •  an evening presentation and enthusiastic support of the Westborough Civic Club regarding the same trail
  • a later evening presentation to and unanimous approval from the Westborough Planning Board to support the transfer of $22,000 from the Westborough Open Space Preservation Committee Reserve Account to pay for required survey work along the trail to accommodate needed easements and deed filings.

Pictured above: Don Burn, the heart, mind and soul behind the BWALT trail before the Westborough Planning Board. Thanks, Don – great stuff!

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