Banana Flax Pancakes – Fully Flavorful, Easy to Make & All in Pictures

Banana Flax PancakesThe hardest part of making these full-on flavorful banana flax pancakes – and it’s not that hard to do at all – is flipping them in the pan because there is no fat or oil added to the batter. I, therefore, recommend using a sturdy spatula like the metal-bladed spatula shown here as well as…

Sturdy Spatula

…using freshly ripened bananas that are still slightly green and firm (left), not over-ripened and browned (right) as shown below. Over-ripe browned bananas make for a thinner batter that is almost impossible to flip in one piece in the pan.

BananasLike just about any recipe, this recipe is extremely versatile as you can substitute or supplement the ground flax with your favorite cereal, whole grain flour, nut or coconut flour, and more. You can use oil instead of butter for cooking to make the recipe entirely vegan. You can also use any other dried fruit either with or as a substitute for the raisins shown here. As always, imagination, taste, and nutritional needs are your only limits.

Here are the ingredients needed to make banana flax pancakes.

Banana Flax Pancake IngredientsClick any picture on this page for a complete, easy-to-follow step-by-step picture book recipe.

Banana Flax Pancakes Picture Book Recipe

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