Adapting to Specific Dietary Needs: 2 Easy Steel Cooked Oats Picture Book Recipes

Steel Cut Oats with Nut Butter, Fresh Fruit & Kefir (AID)Steel Cut Oats with Nut Butter, Fresh Fruit & Kefir

Adapting recipes to specific dietary needs doesn’t have to be hard at all – and best of all – can be done with NO COMPROMISE IN FLAVOR. You bet!

Here are two very easy-to-make steel cut oats breakfast recipes that are very much the same – with just one slight exception. The recipe on the left is made completely with ingredients that are anti-inflammatory (AID in the title=Anti-Inflammatory Diet). The recipe on the right contains raisins, which can be substituted by any choice of dried fruit. Dried fruit, however, can cause discomfort to those with irritated digestive tracts. Removing the raisins/dried fruit is an easy fix.

As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, the quickest and easiest way to make recipes with steel cut oats, which are less processed than rolled oats and therefore more nutty in flavor, slightly more nutritious, and more versatile to use, is to cook a batch in advance and then either refrigerate or freeze leftovers for more immediate use when you want them. I do that. It works out great. (Click this link for a step-by-step picture book recipe that shows how to cook steel cut oats on the stove.)

Here are the ingredients needed to make EITHER the fully anti-inflammatory recipe or the recipe with raisins/any other dried fruit.

Steel Cut Oats w. Nut Butter, Fresh Fruit & Kefir AID Ingredients Steel Cut Oats w. Nut Butter, Fresh Fruit & Kefir Ingredients

Click the picture of your choice of recipe anywhere on this page for an easy to follow step-by-step picture book recipe.

Steel Cut Oats w. Nut Butter, Fruit & Kefir AID recipeSteel Cut Oats w. Nut Butter, Fresh Fruit & Kefir Picture Book Recipe



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