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Quick & Easy Sweet and Savory Salad With Local Farm Fresh Lettuce

About two weeks ago I told Michael Berberian, owner and operator of his family’s Berberian Farms in Northborough, MA that I’d noticed he’d planted new rows of lettuce just recently. He smiled and said something like, “Oh yah. With global warming, we’ve been getting longer growing seasons”.  Read more »

Pasta with Full-On Flavorful But Lighter Alfredo Sauce – all in Pictures

What’s not to love about pasta, cheese and cream? Nothing, except for the lead gut feeling after pounding down the last forkful. You want to find the criminal? It’s the heavy cream traditionally called for to make the cheese sauce.

We can fix that. Easy. And with no sacrifice in flavor. All it takes is substituting heavy cream with evaporated milk. Heavy cream has 2 ½ times the calories and 5 times the fat asevaporated milk. Incredible difference really. And, I’ve found no cooking property or flavor difference, which makes the substitution easy to do. Read more »

Easy Step-By-Step How to Cook Pasta Picture Book Directions

There’s so much to love about pasta! It goes with just about anything. It’s inexpensive. It’s a kid favorite. And it’s incredibly quick and easy to cook without the need for a bathtub of water despite what most pasta package cooking directions will suggest. Here are a few quick tips. You can get complete step-by-step picture book directions showing how to cook any shape of pasta by clicking either picture on this page. Read more »

Kid-Friendly Quick & Easy Tuna Salad Step-By-Step Picture Book Recipe

It’s great for parents and kids themselves when kids learn to become independent in the kitchen. This quick & easy kid-friendly to make tuna salad requires only 3 ingredients, 3 pieces of equipment, and no cutting with a knife or even the use of a can opener if you buy cans of tuna with pull-tab tops. For a complete step-by-step picture book recipe, just click either picture on this page. Read more »

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